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What is Yeast Extract?

yeast extract

Speaking of yeast, I believe everyone will be familiar with it, because it exists widely in our daily life. The steamed buns and bread we eat in our lives often need yeast to ferment during the production process. But when it comes to yeast extract, many people don’t know much about it. In fact, yeast extract is a nutritious and safe raw material for freshening and seasoning food.

What are food raw materials? Food raw materials mainly include main food ingredients and food ingredients.

1. Food ingredients are the main raw materials for food processing, which refer to unprocessed or primary processed natural substances that can be used in large quantities. It mainly includes sugar, noodles, oil, meat, eggs, milk, etc.

2. Food ingredients are also called food accessories, which means collocation and auxiliary. The understanding of food ingredients can be regarded as the food raw materials used in a small amount in the food formula raw materials. It is usually deeply processed from natural substances, and its physiological functions have not changed. One example is yeast extract.

Yeast extract is widely used in food fields such as meat products and condiments in developed countries and regions such as Japan, Europe and the United States, and has the effect of reducing salt and increasing freshness. Having said so much, today I will tell you in detail what is yeast extract.

What is “Yeast Extract”

Yeast extract, formerly known as yeast extract, yeast essence, and yeast flavoring, belongs to food ingredients according to the definition of the latest national standard (yeast processed products GB/T 20886.2-2021). It is a yellow powder or paste product made from edible yeast as the main raw material by extracting soluble components (proteins, amino acids, peptides, nucleotides, etc.) in yeast cells.

Food seasoning

Yeast extract is a food ingredient

The main components of yeast extract are proteins, amino acids, polypeptides, nucleotides, vitamins and trace elements, which are rich in nutrients and high in quality, and can be understood as the nutritional essence in yeast cells.

In daily cooking, after the chicken is boiled, the chicken soup will contain delicious substances such as protein, amino acid, polypeptide, nucleotide, etc., which is the secret of the delicious taste of the chicken soup. The composition of yeast extract is similar to that of chicken soup, and it has been widely used in various food industry fields to improve food flavor, increase freshness and taste, reduce salt and light saltiness, and balance odors. It meets the needs of the food industry for delicious upgrades, and also meets everyone’s needs for food nutrition, health and deliciousness.

Yeast Cell

Ingredients of Yeast Extract

The delicious ingredients in yeast extract can effectively increase the perception of salt (sodium ions) by the taste buds on the tip of the tongue, and at the same time provide rich umami taste, thus achieving the magical effect of reducing salt without reducing taste.


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