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JustLong specializes in the production and development of the food additive industry.

Dalian JustLong Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltd is located in the beautiful city DALIAN in North China.

Founded in 2007,we are specializing in food additive industry production and development. Relying on bio-tech and food production tech, we are dedicated to bakery yeast, baking powder, yeast extract, Soy protein series and Feeds additive mainly. Meanwhile, we develop yeast nutrition for poultry, human and plants.

For years, we have been working closely with business partners from Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle-east, American and have been promoting market share increasingly.

Our culture is Grateful , Humble, Passion and Dream, Something we have done, something we are doing now and something we will continue to do. I think the bright future for Justlong is not only a product producer, but also solution provider.

We have the confidence, we have the passion, we have the positive team, we have the powerful products, why waiting, pls join us!

Our Advantage

Quality Assurance

Advanced spray drying technology to produce high-quality instant powder products with high product quality assurance and stability.

R & D team

It has high-quality talents in food processing and technical support from colleges and universities.

Customized service

Understand the unique needs of customers and customize solutions according to their specific requirements.

After-sales service

Respect customers and treat each other with sincerity. Keep in mind that the customer is in my heart, and the quality is in my hands.

Main Products

Product List


● Dry yeast
● Baking powder
● Bread improver
● Custard powder
● Vanilla powder
● Jelly powder
● Yeast extract

Food additives:

● Non-dairy creamer
● Whipped cream
● Fat filled milk powder
● Sodium benzoate
● Calcium propionate

Soy protein series:

● Isolated Soy Protein
● Soy Protein Concentrates
● Textured Vegetable Protein
● Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein   


● Feed yeast
● Montmorillonite

Our Market

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