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Food Additive Supplier

JustLong goal is not only a product producer, but also a solution provider. According to different needs, JustLong will provide you with suitable products and solutions.

Product Category

● Bakery Field

● Preservative

● Non-Dairy Creamer

● Soy Protein

Product advantages


In-depth understanding of customer needs and excellent service, and customers to establish long-term and meaningful partnership.


We strive to understand the unique needs of our customers and customize solutions based on the specific requirements of our customers to meet your every need


Work closely with clients to achieve common goals, understand local markets, provide value-added consulting and drive new product innovations.


From R&D activities to product delivery, we continuously refine and enhance our quality policy to continuously meet and exceed customer expectations.

Corporate Team

Dalian JustLong Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltd Relying on bio-tech and food production tech, we are dedicated to bakery yeast, baking powder, yeast extract, Soy protein series and Feeds additive mainly.

JustLong culture is Grateful , Humble, Passion and Dream, Something we have done, something we are doing now and something we will continue to do. I think the bright future for Justlong is not only a product producer, but also solution provider.

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