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Instant Dry Yeast

It manufactured from selected high activity; high osmotic pressure resistant yeast strains and is suitable for the production of a food recipes with high glucose (25%) and high oil (20%). It can effectively shorten the fermentation time; It makes the products in uniform color, with delicate internal organization and good taste.

Additional information


Mix with flour or add to dough during mixing phase. Add 1% of flour when making bread, add 0.3%-0.5% of flour when making baozi or mantou

Storage conditions

Cool and dry place,avoid from direct shining

Shelf life

24 Months

Product Details:

Instant Dry Yeast is a dry yeast product that maintains strong fermentation ability after pressing, drying and dehydration of specially cultivated fresh yeast. The pressed yeast is extruded into thin strips or small balls, and is continuously dried through a fluidized bed with low-humidity circulating air, so that the final fermentation moisture is about 8%, and the fermentation capacity of the yeast is maintained.

The yeast that is suitable for survival in the sugar concentration of more than 7% is called “high-sugar yeast”, otherwise it is called “low-sugar yeast”. Yeast is a kind of single-celled fungal microorganism, which has biological activity phenomenon. In the process of fermentation, yeast is in a vigorous period of life activity. Whether the required gas production can be achieved in this period depends on whether yeast lives in the optimum environment it needs. Because half of yeast cell membrane is permeable , the concentration of external substances will affect the activity of yeast cells. In the production of bread sugar, salt and other raw materials, will produce osmotic pressure. The osmotic pressure is too high, the protoplasm and water in the yeast will exude the cell membrane, causing the separation of the plasma wall of the yeast cell, so that the yeast can not maintain normal growth until death. But different yeast tolerance to osmotic pressure is very different: some ye ast sugar tolerance is very low, suitable for making formula sugar-free or low-sugar staple bread, steamed bread and so on; Some yeasts are highly sugar tolerant and are ideal for making high-sugar snack breads. The amount of sugar added to the dough above 7% (measured by flour) inhibits yeast activity and below 7% promotes fermentation. General sucrose, glucose, fructose than maltose osmotic pressure is greater.

Item Technical Requirement Test Result Remark
Color Light yellow to light brown Light yellow Qualified
Smell Yeast’s very odor, without decay or peculiar smell Accord with demand Qualified
Texture Granule & Strip Strip Qualified
Impurity No visible impurities Accord with demand Qualified
Dry Matter (DM) (%) 93-97 Low sugar: 96.00, High sugar: 95.00 Qualified
Proteins/DM (%) 36-56 Low sugar: 51.00, High sugar: 52.00 Qualified
P2O5/DM(%) 2-3 2.7 Qualified
CARBOHYDRATES/DM (%) 11-29 Low sugar: 13, High sugar: 12 Qualified
Fats/DM (%) 4-8 Low sugar: 5.0, High sugar: 6.0 Qualified
ASHES/DM (%) 4-8 Low sugar: 6.0, High sugar: 5.0 Qualified
Total coliforms ≤ 1000CFU/g ≤ 1000CFU/g Qualified
Escherichia coli ≤ 10CFU/g ≤ 10CFU/g Qualified
Salmonella Absent/25g Absent/25g Qualified
Staphylococcus Aureus ≤10CFU/g ≤10CFU/g Qualified

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