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What are the applications of plant drawing protein?

Plant drawing protein

1. Application in sausage, ham, sausage

Due to the silk-forming and good water and oil absorption properties of vegetable silk protein, the fiber filaments have strong tensile force and good elasticity. When applied to meat products, the loss of water and the overflow of fat during the processing of meat products are reduced, and the product is not greasy. , increase the elasticity and meatiness of the product, increase the protein content of the product, and improve the quality. It can replace 5%-25% lean meat in the production of meat products such as sausages, hams, and sausages.
For example, the application method of replacing 20% lean meat in red sausage: mince the marinated lean meat with a meat grinder with a screen aperture of 0.2-0.3cm, add pretreated vegetable silk protein, and add other ingredients to mix the stuffing , and then add fat diced, mix well and then enema.

In the production of red sausage, vegetable silk protein is added to replace part of lean meat. While reducing production costs, it increases the elasticity of red sausage, increases the chewing feeling, increases the protein content of red sausage, and improves the nutritional value of the product.

2. Application of plant silk protein in vegetarian floss

To make meat floss with plant silk protein as the main raw material, first rehydrate the plant silk protein, add soy sauce, spices, salt and other seasonings, steam for 20 minutes, remove and drain, put it into the frying machine, and then add pea powder and other ingredients Stir-fry the accessories until they become loose. Because the powder particles are adsorbed together with the meat fiber, its properties are basically similar to those before adding powder.

3. Application in quick-frozen food

Plant-drawn protein can enhance the elasticity and taste of meatballs, apply it to chicken balls, fish balls, and shrimp balls to reduce the amount of meat added, and process it with other auxiliary materials into a high-protein, low-fat, low-cholesterol food, and reduce Product loss during processing.

For example, in the application of fish balls, the pretreated plant silk protein is made into silk, then mixed with spices, etc., marinated for 30 minutes, added to the beater, added surimi, egg white and other high-speed beating until the minced meat is uniform, and then shaped, Cook, cool and pack.

Silk protein can replace 10%-15% of fish meat in the production of cuttlefish balls, and the appearance, texture and taste of fish balls are not significantly different from those of whole fish balls.

4. Application in filling food

Plant-drawn protein can be fused with the muscle fibers of meat, which helps the stuffing to hold together, increases water holding capacity, increases taste and nutrition, and reduces production costs.
For example, in dumpling stuffing, pre-process the plant-drawn protein into shreds, mix it with soy sauce, salt, and spices, let it stand for 30 minutes, mix it with meat stuffing, add vegetables, fat meat and other seasonings to mix the stuffing Can.

Plant-drawn protein has a muscle fiber structure. It is used in stuffing and can maintain a full filling after cooking. It can replace 10%-35% of lean meat in dumpling stuffing, which can reduce production costs by about 15%.

5. Application in leisure convenience food

Plant-drawn protein is used in leisure convenience foods, and can be made into convenience foods with flavors such as chicken, beef, and seafood. It not only satisfies people’s senses, but also provides high-quality protein sources. Such as directly processed into beef cubes, sweet and sour pork, spicy meat skewers, used in instant noodle seasoning packets, etc.

6. Application in sauces and dishes

After rehydration treatment, plant silk protein can be applied to various seasoning sauces, such as beef sauce, seafood sauce, etc., which can improve the texture and taste of sauces, increase stickiness, increase nutritional value, and reduce costs.

With various seasonings, it can be used to make various cold dishes and assorted vegetables. It can also be mixed with meat, and then mixed with various vegetables and seasonings to make dishes with various flavors.

Drawing protein

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