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Optimal Amount of Baking Powder to Use

amount of baking powder

Baking powder makes the dough become like a sponge by releasing gas, and then baked at high temperature, the dough continues to expand and become delicious pasta in our mouths, but in practical applications, many friends have made pasta due to improper use The product is not fluffy, so how should I use baking powder?

1. How to use baking powder

Step 1: Put the flour to be used into the basin, break it up and put it away;

Step 2: Add an appropriate amount of baking powder according to the ratio of baking powder and flour;

Step 3: Add water to the basin, slowly blend with flour and baking powder, do not add too much;

Step 4: Knead the flour with your hands. During this period, you can add water or not according to the situation, and knead into a dough;

Step 5: Put the dough in a place with a slightly higher temperature, cover it with a piece of cloth, and let it stand for a while. When you find a lot of small air holes on the dough, you can use it to make pasta.

The above steps are the method of using baking powder when making pasta. Be sure to use it correctly or grasp the amount of baking powder, because too much baking powder will make the pasta bitter and taste bad, and too little can not be used The dough rises.

2. Amount of baking powder to use

Baking powder, also known as compound leavening agent, foaming powder, is mainly used for the rapid production of products such as cakes, bread, biscuits, peach cakes, and steamed buns. Is usually divided into two types, one is aluminum-containing baking powder, and the other is aluminum-free baking powder. Sweet and sweet baking powder, youtiao essence, etc. are aluminum-containing baking powders, which mainly contain aluminum potassium sulfate or aluminum ammonium sulfate; aluminum-free baking powder does not contain them.

Baking powder is generally used in an amount of 1-2%. If you want to make noodles ferment faster, you can increase the amount appropriately. In addition, the quality and active ingredients of products from different manufacturers are not only different, but also in the amount of use. No matter what brand of baking powder you choose, you must pay attention to making a small sample first to verify the effect of baking powder and find out the suitable one. usage and then put into formal use.


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