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Textured soy protein

Textured Vegetable Protein is made of food grade soybean through special extrusion process. It has the structure which is similar to meat products.

Additional information


Can be used in meat products, convenience food, snack food, etc.

Storage conditions

In dry and cool place, keep away from strong odour or volatile materials and moisture

Shelf life

18 months

Product Details:

The tissue protein has different forms such as granular, block, flake, filamentous, etc., with different shades of yellow-brown, and its network structure is arranged in a directional arrangement to form elastic and tough fiber bundles or layers, which make it similar when eating. The bite strength of carnivorous muscle tissue. Typical tissue protein contains about 60% protein.

Textured soybean protein is the conversion of globulin in defatted soybean meal into silk protein and fibrin. Because of its good water absorption and oil retention, when added to meat products, it can increase the color, aroma and taste of meat products and improve protein The content promotes the integrity of the particles, so it is an ideal meat product additive. In addition, the tissue protein has a good granular structure. After soaking, it can be made into vegetarian foods with various flavors. In the process of processing the tissue protein, different flavors can be added, and then added to convenience foods and snack foods. Prepare foods of different flavors.

Technical date

Protein(dry basis) ≥ 50%
Moisture ≤10%
Fat ≤ 1.5%
Ash ≤ 6.5%
Crude Fiber ≤ 6.5%
Bulk Density ≤ 350g /L


Appearance Size
Large Middle Small
Slice 80*50*10mm 40*25*4mm 20*20*4mm
Lump 60*20*15mm 40*16*12mm 12*12*12mm
Granule 8*6*4mm 6*4*3mm 4*3*3mm
Columnar 50*8*6mm ——- 40*3*3mm


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