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Product application of feed grade soybean protein concentrate

Feed Grade Soybean Protein Concentrate

Feed grade soybean protein concentrate Applications:

Whether the suckling pig can produce milk smoothly is the key to the success of pig raising. The digestive system of suckling pigs is not yet perfect, and there is strong stress during the weaning period, so protein raw materials with good palatability, high digestion and absorption rate, and stable quality are needed. At this time, it is very important to choose a good protein raw material for the smooth growth of suckling pigs. As an excellent protein raw material with high digestible protein content, good palatability, anti-nutritional factors, indigestible oligosaccharides and pathogenic bacteria, our concentrated protein is very suitable for the growth needs of weaned piglets. Ideal for healthy growing piglets.

Aquatic soybean protein concentrate has been proven to be an excellent source of vegetable protein in fish and shrimp feed. Because of its low antigen level, low ash content and phosphorus content, it does not contain high levels of biogenic amines like fishmeal, and it has excellent granulation properties. Appropriate addition can improve the survival rate of breeding species, maintain normal growth, and improve feed utilization efficiency.

Due to the short intestinal tract of young poultry, there is an obstacle to the efficiency of animal protein utilization. The product can effectively improve the survival rate, reduce diarrhea and promote growth when applied to poultry.

Calves The calf’s digestive system is adapted to milk protein, but it is expensive, so always look for a high-quality, digestible milk replacer in calf feed. Our products are the best choice during the calf rearing period, featuring low anti-nutritional factors, low iron content and high digestibility.
Pet pet feed has always liked to use soybean protein concentrate because of its economical practicality, comprehensive functionality and comprehensive nutrition, especially to ensure the stability of pet feed quality. Others, as a high-quality plant protein raw material, will have more and more application scope and space in animal feed with the development of the feed industry. We will also provide assistance anytime and anywhere for your new needs.

Feed grade soybean protein concentrate product advantages

  1. Compared with fishmeal: the supply of fishmeal is limited, the content of impurities is high, the quality is unstable, the absorption rate of piglets is low after eating, and it is easy to have diarrhea; at the same time, the shelf life of fishmeal is short and difficult to store.
  2. Compared with plasma protein: Although plasma protein is recognized as a high-quality protein source in the feed industry, it is undeniable that the price is expensive, and plasma protein is derived from animals.
  3. Compared with skim milk powder: skim milk powder has low protein and amino acid content, high price and limited supply.
  4. Compared with whey powder: the protein content of whey powder is low, the supply of goods is not timely and the price is high, and the growth rate of piglets after eating is slow.

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