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Soy Protein Concentrates

Functional soy protein concentrate is a kind of high-quality natural plant protein made from NON-GMO soybean, it has high protein content and excellent protein digestibility.

Additional information


Feed grade: suitable for feeding piglets, aquatic products, calves, etc., Food Grade: Production of processed meat, baked goods, ice cream, confectionery and beverages.

Storage conditions

In dry and cool place, keep away from strong odour or volatile materials and moisture

Shelf life

18 months

Product Details:

Soy Protein Concentrates (Food grade)

With high gelling, emulsifying or high dispersibility, it greatly improves the comprehensive utilization rate and reduces the production cost. It is widely used in the production of processed meat foods, baked goods, ice cream, candy and beverages.

Quality Standard:

1) Color: milky white, light yellow

2) Odor: The inherent odor of concentrated protein, no other peculiar smell.

3) Protein content (N*6.25): ≥65%

4) Moisture: 7-9%

5) Fat: <0.8%

6) Ash content: <6.0%

7) The total amount of fiber specified: <4%

8) NSI: 5-10%

9) Granularity: 100 mesh (90% pass)


Soy Protein Concentrates (Feed grade)

The content of various amino acids is extremely rich, the digestion and absorption rate of animals after eating is high, the anti-nutritional factors are extremely low, there is no other peculiar smell, and the taste is good. It is especially suitable for the feed addition of suckling pigs, aquatic products, calves and pets. Suggested addition: 50-200 kg per ton of feed.

Quality Standard:

1) Protein content (N*6.25): ≥65% (dry basis)

2) Moisture: 7-9%

3) Fat: <0.8%

4) Granularity: 50 mesh (90% pass)

Used as a nutritional additive, it can improve the nutritional value of the product, enhance the quality of the product (especially used in bread crust), and extend the preservation period of pet food and animal feed.

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