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Current status of active dry yeast production in China

active dry yeast

Dry yeast is a single-celled microorganism belonging to the fungus. As early as 3000 BC, humans began to use yeast to make fermented products, but people did not know yeast at that time. But as an industry, the development history of the yeast industry is only more than 200 years since the initial beer yeast mud was sold in the market.

Yeast production in China began in 1922, and the product is pressed yeast (with a water content of about 70%). The research and production of domestic active dry yeast began in the 1970s, and the domestic yeast production as an industry appeared in the 1980s.

Active dry yeast is a yeast cell product that exists in solid form without losing its activity. Active dry yeast has two basic characteristics: one is long-term storage at room temperature without losing activity, and the other is that after rehydration and activation of active dry yeast under certain conditions, it will return to a natural state and have normal yeast activity.
Among them, active dry yeast with a cell content of more than 20 billion cfu/g and a water content of less than 6% is called highly active dry yeast. Highly active dry yeast has the advantages of low water content, fast rehydration, long storage time, and convenient use.

Active dry yeast has the advantages of stable performance and easy transportation, and is widely used in the fields of fermented pasta processing and wine making.

In the food industry, active dry yeast is used as an excellent leavening agent and biological leavening agent in the processing of bread, steamed buns, steamed buns, soda crackers and other foods. Compared with foods made with chemical fermentation powder and old noodle starter, it has the advantages of strong fermentation power, rich nutrition, and easy use, and has no disadvantages such as bitterness, sticky teeth, and need to be neutralized with alkali.

In the brewing industry, active dry yeast has also been widely used.

At present, alcoholic active dry yeast is used in domestic alcohol factories and liquor factories. Its application scope includes alcohol, bran koji liquor, liquid liquor, small koji liquor and Daqu liquor and koji making. It can improve the safety and stability of fermentation and improve the yield of wine. High efficiency, energy saving and consumption reduction etc. advantages. Active dry yeast for wine has created a total of 3 billion yuan in social benefits since its inception.

In addition, active dry yeast is also very useful in the fields of medicine, feed, cosmetics and so on. Yeast has become the only microorganism in the world with an annual output of more than one million tons.


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