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2024 Baking Trends ~ The flavor blends elegance and popular taste and pursues the original taste of ancient grains

Baking Trends

1. Flavor blends elegance and vulgarity for both enjoyment:

Does dessert have to be sweet? Don’t let the name limit your understanding. Nowadays, the flavor of desserts not only depends on cheese and cream, but its taste inspiration can come from different regions and different industries, and it seems to be quite different.

Pistachios have become a rising star in the baking world, appearing everywhere from sponge squares in Marks & Spencer to London’s Donutelier’s new donuts.

Alcoholic flavors also appear in baking. Cocktail chocolate-flavored desserts are becoming more and more popular in European and American countries, and coffee cakes and IPA beer bread have also appeared in Moscow.

Popular sweet flavors include blackberries, passion fruit, marshmallows and apple crisp, while on the savory side, dill pickles and savory bagels also have their own fans. Savory and sweet flavors can also be combined in different ways, such as in basil key lime pie and miso-glazed chocolate chip cookies.

Another new flavor “Swicy” (sweet and spicy combination) is also quietly occupying the counter. Flavor combinations such as spicy mango chili, spicy maple, bourbon jalapeño and paprika chocolate chip cookie also provide differentiated menus for some stores.

To sum up – don’t be limited by your thinking, be bold and innovate tastes. Consumers are not as conservative as they think, and people’s taste buds are becoming diverse and picky.

Of course, the classic chocolate and vanilla flavors are still at the top of the pyramid for desserts, but they are not static. Compared with the mature markets of milk chocolate and dark chocolate, white chocolate is in a period of rapid growth.

The European cakes, pastries and sweets market insight report shows that white chocolate is on the rise, and the corresponding new product flavors launched by dessert bakeries increased from 2.7% to 3.9%. Liz Gabriel, baking expert at British food flavor research company ITS, agrees: “One of the next major cake flavors is white chocolate. With the emergence of slightly sweeter golden chocolate, white chocolate will be further developed. Many cakes can be seen next. to this taste.

2. Pursuing the original taste of ancient grains:

Making bread using ancient grains and seeds from around the world is becoming increasingly popular. Seeing business opportunities, many well-known raw material suppliers have successively launched ancient grain blends, such as red quinoa, amaranth, chia seeds, buckwheat, spelt, millet and teff, coated with fruity rye yeast. and a little brown sugar can bring moisture, texture and sourness to the dough, making the bread taste better and have a unique flavor.

Sourdough bread made with fine doughs of different colors that can be laminated and layered is also very popular. Bakers will use a variety of different plants or materials to mix, trying to bring colors that do not exist in nature into baking, which is romantic and eye-catching.

These trends are a good reference for bakers. I believe that every baker hopes to shape exquisite pastries in his own hands and become a leader in the market. This is not only a profit but also a sense of accomplishment. Only by pursuing changes in classics and boldly innovating in stability can our products stand out, better attract a new generation of young people, and win the love of consumers.


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