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Baking needs to be more down-to-earth: Baking needs to be close to consumers

bakery market

The bakery market was very lively in the first half of this year, with a number of high-end internet celebrity bakeries opening, specializing in raw toast and bagels.

The raw toast baking brand “Ginza Hitoshikawa”, known as “Japan’s No. 2”, opened its first store in Shanghai in May and quickly became a hot topic.

A piece of raw toast costs 98 yuan, scalpers sell for 300 yuan, and scalpers call the police if there are too many. From every keyword, you can get a glimpse of the hot scene at that time.

Just one month later, some netizens posted that they can buy it at any time and there is no need to grab it.

“High-end” looks very attractive. No matter what industry they are engaged in, people want their careers to look high-end.

However, baking has never been a high-end product.

For most customers, bakery products meet daily needs or are decorative foods besides meals. Inflated prices will only put them off.

Dikka sells a custard cake for 58 yuan, and the customer price is 75 yuan;
Ginza Nishigawa raw toast 98 yuan;
The price range of Angsi cakes and desserts is 38-65 yuan, and the price range of cakes is 100-1999 yuan;
Renault’s signature dessert “Autumn Leaves” is priced at 88 yuan;
The price of a piece of Lady M cake is usually between 68-75 yuan…

The product itself cannot support the inflated price, and taking customers as a scapegoat will only endanger yourself.

Baking is never about selling decoration.

The bakery store must be beautifully decorated, and this beauty must be consistent with the category.
Renovating a bakery shop into a dream castle requires high rent and staggering decoration costs. The high-end atmosphere is there, but the revenue and profit are gone.

Baking is obviously a daily necessity, and it will not become high-end just because of the decoration of the store. Do people really eat cakes and discuss business in a bakery?

Over the years, there have always been attempts to burn money into baking, trying to use the money-burning model to subvert the technology-heavy baking industry.

They ignore that in the ever-changing market, there are always some eternal truths worth awe!

In this era of involution, it is even more important to return to rationality. If you do not respect business, you will eventually pay for yourself.

The end of baking is mass consumption! ! ! It’s product quality! !

Grasping user needs and polishing the single-store profit model will never change. Want to challenge the rules and business common sense? Disaster! Want to burn money to build a long-lasting brand? Harder!


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