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Yeast fermentation – can I use cold water to knead the dough?

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It is definitely possible, especially in the hot summer, cold water can be used for kneading noodles, because the temperature of normal temperature water in this season can reach more than ten degrees or even higher, and the indoor temperature is also high. Using cold water for kneading noodles will speed up the fermentation. soon.

In summer, it is not necessary to use warm water to knead the noodles with yeast. Use normal temperature water to knead the noodles. A catty of flour and a good dough can complete the fermentation process in less than an hour under normal circumstances. If you use warm water to knead the dough, the fermentation process will be shorter, but too fast gas production will cause the pores inside the dough to be too large, and the taste of the food will not be as good as the food made from the dough at room temperature or low temperature. In summer, use warm water to knead the noodles, and observe in time to avoid excessive fermentation.

Warm water can be used to knead dough in early spring, late autumn and winter, because the temperature in these seasons is low, and the activity of the yeast king is not as good as in summer. The process will be very long. If the cold water is replaced with warm water, the fermentation time will be shortened.

If in early spring, late autumn and winter, leave the dough at room temperature at night and use it the next morning, you can also knead the dough with cold water. Because the yeast is active at temperatures above zero, but the activity is insufficient and the gas production is relatively slow, but the dough can still be fermented after one night of storage.

If you knead the noodles at night in summer, you can use cold water to knead the noodles the next morning, but the basin must be refrigerated. Otherwise, the dough will definitely be sour the next day. The dough in the refrigerator will not have a sour taste, but it will be as fluffy and soft as food.


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