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The dough has been unsuccessful. It turns out that the method of Dry yeast powder is not working!

Dough fermentation

Dry Yeast powder is believed to be familiar to everyone. If you want to make loose and soft buns and steamed buns, you must have its help. So what is the correct way to use yeast powder?

The first point: when we get the yeast powder, the first thing to do is to check whether its packaging is good. Generally, what we use is dry yeast that needs to be isolated from the air. If it is damaged and leaks, then Its activity will be greatly reduced, which will affect its fermentation effect.

The second point: Check the production date, yeast powder is a kind of microorganism, if it has passed the shelf life. The microbial activity will be greatly reduced, leading to the failure of the fermentation of pasta.

The third point: improve the activity of yeast. We add a little sugar during the fermentation process, which can improve the activity of yeast powder and increase the rapid reproduction of microorganisms. Never add salt, it will inhibit the fermentation of the yeast powder.

The fourth point: the use of yeast powder. Many people use cold water to ferment when using yeast powder. This is wrong. In order to maximize the activity of microorganisms, we need to use warm water at about 35 degrees to ferment . This will make the dough more fluffy.

Fifth point: How to judge the activity of yeast? After we dissolve the yeast with warm water, we can wait for a few minutes to observe. If a layer of foam floats on the surface, it means that the activity of the yeast is very good. If not, it means that the yeast powder has lost its activity.

The sixth point: the preservation of yeast powder. A packet of yeast powder is not used up after opening, we can roll a few times in the opening. Then secure it with a small clip and put it in the refrigerator to chill.


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