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Why should beef be added with soy protein isolate


Beef should be added with soy protein isolate because it can increase the texture and taste of beef products.

Soy protein isolate can increase the elasticity and toughness of the product, making the product more tender and smooth.

At the same time, it can also increase the viscosity and water retention of the product, so that the product is more juicy and less deformable.

In addition, soy protein isolate can be used as an inexpensive additive that can increase the yield and profit of beef products.

However, it should be noted that excessive use will have a certain impact on health, and the amount of use should be controlled within the scope of national standards.

In addition, soybean protein can also be used to make meat products, surimi products, dairy products and noodle products.

1. Meat products

Adding soybean protein isolate to high-grade meat products not only improves the texture and flavor of meat products, but also increases the protein content and strengthens vitamins. Due to its strong functionality, the dosage between 2~5% can play a role in water retention, fat retention, prevention of segregation of gravy, improvement of quality, and improvement of taste. Inject protein isolate injection into meat like ham, Then the meat is processed, and the rate of ham can be increased by 20%. It can be used in hot pot products such as tribute balls, peeing beef balls, chicken breast balls, southern Fujian meat, sweet and spicy, tempura, flowering sausage, kissing sausage, Taiwan roast Intestines, hot dog sausages, meat kebabs, Sichuan chicken tenderloin, bone-meat joints, colonel chicken nuggets, McNuggets, Orleans roast duck embryos, conditioned wing roots, pickled pipa legs, luncheon meat, sandwiches and other meat products, soy protein isolate The addition of can make the structure of the product more perfect, soy protein isolate and Bangli’s vegetarian meat powder can be added at the same time. Nutrition is more scientific.

2. Surimi products

Isolate protein is used in fried fish cake, fish tofu, fish fillet, fish roll, conch ball, North sea fin crab steak, crab meat stick, scallop grilled sausage, shrimp flavor sausage, abalone sausage, sea cucumber hot pot sausage, fish sausage, and fish rice flower. Fish with 20~40% is advisable .

3. Dairy products

Soy protein isolate is used in milk replacements, non-dairy beverages and various forms of milk products. It is nutritious and does not contain cholesterol. It is a food that replaces milk. Soybean protein isolate replaces skim milk powder in the production of ice cream, which can improve the emulsification properties of ice cream, delay the crystallization of lactose, and prevent the phenomenon of “sanding”.

4. Flour products

Adding no more than 5% protein isolate when producing bread can increase the volume of bread, improve skin color, and prolong shelf life; adding 2-3% protein isolate when processing noodles can reduce the breaking rate after boiling and improve the quality of noodles. The yield is high, and the color of the noodles is good, and the taste is similar to that of strong noodles.

Soybean protein isolate can also be used in food industries such as beverages, nutritional foods, and fermented foods. It has unique effects on improving food quality, increasing nutrition, lowering serum cholesterol, and preventing heart and cerebrovascular diseases.


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