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Injectable Soy Protein Isolate


Injectable soy protein isolate is a kind of soy protein isolate

Injection-type soybean protein isolate refers to the protein isolate that can add soybean protein isolate to large meat pieces by injection during the meat product processing process, and is a kind of soybean protein isolate. It retains moisture while increasing the toughness of the product.

Main features: quickly dissolved in aqueous solution
Field: food
Performance: retain moisture while improving the toughness of the product

Basic introduction

Soy protein isolate is divided into injection type isolate protein, emulsification type isolate protein and gel type isolate protein according to the application in meat production.

Its main feature is that it can be quickly dissolved in aqueous solution, and the viscosity of the formed mixture is low, which is beneficial for the injection machine to inject into the meat.

By injecting into the meat, the isolated soybean protein can be combined with the raw meat in the meat to improve the water retention effect and improve the product yield.

Main Active Ingredients Soybean Protein Grade Food Grade
Active substance content 90 (%)
Implementation standard GB/T 20371–2006
Main purpose: Injection of large pieces of ham

Process and performance

Injectable Soybean Protein Isolate undergoes deep enzymatic hydrolysis treatment, which shortens the molecular chain length of soybean protein, strengthens the hydrophilicity of the protein chain, reduces the viscosity of the product in cold water, and makes the product dissolve very well and quickly It is more conducive to dispersing into the fiber of meat through mechanical injection, and at the same time improves the thermal gel performance of the product. The water absorption and denaturation temperature of the product is lower than that of meat protein, which can retain water better and faster, and at the same time improve the toughness of the product. The surface texture of the piece of meat is more prominent and more crispy!


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