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What is Custard Powder?

Custard Powder

Custard Powder is a food spice powder, in the form of a light yellow powder, with a strong milk flavor and fruity flavor, easy to dissolve, it is composed of a bulking agent and a stabilizer , food flavor, food coloring, milk powder, starch and fillers. Mix custard powder and water to make custard sauce.

Common custard powders include milk-flavored custard powder, ordinary custard powder, instant custard powder, etc. Among them, instant custard powder is a commonly used spice powder, which is usually used for bread, pastry surface decoration or internal filling and filling. It can be directly dissolved in cold water and is a ready-to-eat filling ingredient. Traditional custard powder needs to be heated to 60°C-70°C after adding water, and then cooled before use.

Custard powder can be used to make custard sauce, custard filling, cheesecake and other soft, fragrant and slippery hot and cold desserts (such as cakes, egg rolls, fillings, bread, fruit pies, sandwiches, etc.) Cakes, puddings, tarts and other pastries).

Later Hong Kong chefs started using it in Chinese cooking. Adding custard powder to the paste can produce a bright yellow color; it can also make it more crispy and shape the product: add custard powder to the puffy paste, and the product will be crispy but not soft after frying; Adding custard powder to the thickening can produce stickiness, good thickening effect and good transparency of the juice.


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