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The main functions and storage methods of custard powder

custard powder

Custard powder is a kind of spice powder. Light yellow or light orange, with strong milky and fruity aroma, it is composed of bulking agent, stabilizer, food flavor, food coloring, milk powder, starch and filler. Custard powder was originally used to make pastries and puddings in Western food, and was later introduced by Hong Kong chefs before being used in Chinese cooking. Custard powder is easy to dissolve and is suitable for soft, fragrant and slippery hot and cold desserts (such as cakes, egg rolls, stuffing, bread, egg tarts, etc.), mainly because of its special aroma and taste. Ideal food spice powder.


21 grams of custard powder, 250 grams of fresh milk, 16 grams of sugar

Mix 6 tablespoons of milk and 21 grams of custard powder until combined. Add the rest of the milk and sugar into the pot and boil until it boils. Mix the adjusted custard powder and milk slurry into the boiling milk. At the same time, turn off the flame and stir quickly until fully mixed. Serve. The finished product is used for making.

Edible guide:

suitable for the crowd
suitable for majority of the people

Preservation method:

High-quality custard powder is fine and uniform, and should be protected from moisture, mildew and odor.

Custard powder has 4 major functions:

1. Flavoring: It can make the product produce rich milk flavor and fruity flavor;

2. Color enhancement: Adding custard powder to the paste can produce bright yellow;

3. Increase crispness and shape the product: add custard powder to the puffy paste, the product will be crispy but not soft after frying, and the shape is beautiful;

4. Strong stickiness: Adding custard powder when thickening some dishes can produce stickiness, good thickening effect and good transparency of the sauce.


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