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The role/use of custard powder

custard powder

The taste of custard powder can proudly soothe your heart and sweeten your mouth. Let’s take a look at the function of custard powder!

Classic question: I heard people say that a lot of desserts and cakes are added with something called custard powder. What is the specific function of this thing? Why can it spread across the seasoning industry and show its talents in the dessert industry?

Although custard powder is small, don’t underestimate it. Its ingredients alone are very complex, and it is composed of bulking agent, stabilizer, food flavor, food coloring, milk powder, starch and filler.

The role of custard powder is mainly shown in the following four aspects:

1. Flavor enhancement: it can make the product produce strong milk flavor and fruity flavor;

2. Color enhancement: adding custard powder to the paste can produce bright yellow;

3. Increase crispness and shape the product: add custard powder to the puffy paste, and the product will be crispy but not soft after frying, and the shape is beautiful;

4. Strong stickiness: Adding custard powder when thickening some dishes can produce stickiness, good thickening effect and good transparency of the sauce.


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