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Using Custard Powder Effectively: Professional Tips and Techniques

baked custard powder

The role of custard powder is mainly to enhance the aroma and taste of food, although among the many condiments, custard powder has touched the hearts of all kinds of desserts with its simple and crude effect. But how exactly does it work with dessert? Let’s take a look at how to use custard powder!

When it was first known, it was mainly used to make pastries and puddings in Western food. It was later introduced by Hong Kong chefs before it was used in Chinese cooking.

Because custard powder is easy to dissolve, it is very suitable for soft, fragrant and slippery hot and cold desserts, such as cakes, egg rolls, fillings, bread, egg tarts and other pastries.

The common custard powders are milk-flavored, ordinary, and instant. Among them, melted custard powder is a commonly used spice powder, which is usually used for bread, pastry surface decoration or internal filling and filling. Moreover, it can be directly dissolved and used in cold water, and it is a ready-to-use and ready-to-eat filling ingredient.

The traditional custard powder needs to be heated to the gelatinization temperature of starch (60-70°C) after adding water, and then cooled before use. The process is more cumbersome.

Custard powder can be used to make custard sauce (commonly used filling in West Point), custard filling (special powder), cheesecake and other soft, fragrant and slippery hot and cold desserts (such as cakes, egg rolls, etc.) , stuffing, bread, fruit pie, sandwiches, pudding, tarts and other pastries), mainly for its special aroma and taste.

Custard powder was originally used to make pastries and puddings in Western food, and was later introduced by Hong Kong chefs before being used in Chinese cooking. In actual use, we should figure out the dosage. If it is not used properly, the advantages of custard powder will become disadvantages under certain conditions.

1. When making crispy dishes that need to keep the original taste of the raw materials, if a large amount of custard powder is added, although the color and crispness of the dishes can be increased, the milky and fruity aromas will cover up the original flavors of the raw materials and make the dishes Loss of characteristics, in fact, if you use another leavening agent and add color enhancer to cook this kind of dishes, it can be avoided;

2. Adding custard powder when sizing fish, shrimp, and crab meat will definitely lose the original flavor of fish, shrimp, and crab meat after cooking, and even make the taste nondescript;

3. Custard powder is used to add flavor to dishes, mainly lemon juice, fruit juice and Hong Kong-style sweet and sour sauce dishes. It is advisable to add about 5 grams of custard powder per 500 grams of raw materials to make garlic. For ribs, you can increase the amount of custard powder in an appropriate amount, preferably about 15 grams;

4. When custard powder is used to thicken dishes, the dosage ratio is to add 2 to 5 grams of custard powder per 500 grams of raw materials, and it should be mixed with water starch at the same time;

5. When the custard powder is used for the preparation of crisp paste, 15% custard powder can be added to the paste.


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