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The role of baking powder and yeast powder

yeast powder

The main function of baking powder is to let the pasta ferment quickly and become fluffy. Baking powder is actually a compound leavening agent, which is synthesized from baking soda, acidic materials and corn starch. Baking soda has been widely used in pasta making. It can react with water and produce carbon dioxide gas , forming many small air holes in the dough, so that the food can achieve a fluffy effect. The reason why baking powder needs to add acid flour and corn flour on the basis of baking soda is to neutralize the alkalinity of baking soda and maintain the acid-base balance of baking powder, which can increase the production of carbon dioxide and make the dough fluffy. Also faster. Baking powder is often used to make Chinese buns, steamed buns, or bread and cakes in western pastries. In the process of making these pastries, the dough can be fermented quickly, and finally the swollen and soft food we see can be made. It can be said Baking powder plays an indispensable role and occupies an important position in making pastries.

Yeast in yeast powder is a kind of beneficial microorganisms. They can multiply under certain conditions. After these yeasts enter the wet dough, they will start to grow and reproduce. Because the yeast can secrete various substances, these substances can Starch is decomposed into dextrin, and further decomposed into maltose, glucose, etc., and finally produces a large amount of carbon dioxide gas, which will be distributed in the gluten of the dough, making the gluten like a sponge. In addition to being used in making pasta, yeast powder can also be used for weight loss and skin care. First, yeast powder can be used to make a mask. Prepare an appropriate amount of tofu, grind it in a bowl, add some yeast powder and mix it into a paste, and let it stand overnight After that, apply it on the face the next day and massage evenly to achieve the effect of whitening and rejuvenating the skin. Yeast powder also has the effect of losing weight. Adding an appropriate amount of instant yeast powder to soy milk, stirring it evenly before drinking, can regulate the stomach and achieve the effect of weight loss, but the weight loss effect varies from person to person, and it cannot be guaranteed to be effective.


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