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Baking powder and yeast powder usage

Baking powder for baking

Baking powder is a compound leavening agent, which is mainly used on food. Baking powder can be used to increase the bulkiness of pastries we usually eat, such as steamed buns, buns, bread, etc. The usage of baking powder is not very troublesome. First put the flour to be used into the basin, then put the baking powder in a certain proportion, add water, mix the baking powder and flour evenly, and knead with your hands until Finally, a perfect dough is kneaded. At this time, it will take a while to let it ferment. You can cover a piece of wet cloth on the dough and let it stand for a while. If you see a lot of air holes in the dough, it means that it is fermented. At this time, it can be used Steamed, baked, grilled, fried.

Raising dough is the most basic usage of yeast powder. How is it used? The method is as follows, first put the flour into the pot, put the yeast powder into the bowl, mix thoroughly with an appropriate amount of water, dig a small hole in the middle of the flour, pour the yeast water in the bowl, and use chopsticks to mix the yeast water Mix it with flour evenly, then slowly pour into the flour with an appropriate amount of warm water, knead the noodles with chopsticks to make the noodles flocculent, then knead the flour into a dough, cover it with a layer of gauze, and place it at a slightly higher temperature After 1 hour, if you can see a honeycomb shape on the dough, it means that it is ready and you can start making pasta.


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