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The main problems in the active dry yeast industry

Commercially active dry yeast

1. Technological progress lags behind the expansion of industry scale

The overall research and development strength of the active dry yeast industry is relatively weak, and many companies pay more attention to the improvement of production capacity and the transformation of production equipment. The investment in research and development funds is insufficient, the investment in science and technology is insufficient, the scientific research ability is low, and the technological innovation ability is low. There is still a certain gap between the overall technical level and the international advanced level.

2. The industry standard is not perfect, and the quality of yeast products is uneven

China’s active dry yeast industry started late and developed rapidly, and the construction of macro-control measures and industry management systems lagged behind the needs of industry development.

The product standard system of the active dry yeast industry is not sound. For example, the industry standard for baker’s yeast was released in 1992 and implemented in 1993. Due to the long standard age, its indicators and analysis methods cannot meet the needs of the current yeast market development; high-sugar bread There is still a lack of industry standards for active dry yeast in China.

Some manufacturers package baker’s yeast products with average fermentation activity as high-sugar active dry yeast for sale; some manufacturers also advertise alcohol-use active dry yeast that has general alcohol resistance but not high temperature resistance as high temperature resistant products.

3. Market disorder

Due to the high degree of homogeneity of products (especially household small-package yeast and low-sugar baker’s yeast), various active dry yeast manufacturers often carry out various irrational competitions, price wars, low-price competitions, and excessive terminal promotions. The result is All losers, and the profits of yeast manufacturers and distributors gradually decrease.

Some active dry yeast manufacturers lack effective management of the market and distributors, resulting in frequent cross-regional sales of products and low-price dumping.

4. Counterfeiting is rampant

In order to seek illegal benefits, some unscrupulous manufacturers and individuals buy bulk yeast for repacking through various methods and channels, and wantonly counterfeit the best-selling brand yeast on the market from registered trademarks to appearance designs. These shoddy yeasts often have low fermentation power, high impurities, do not meet hygienic requirements, lack of weight in measurement, and do not indicate the date of production and the name of the factory on the label, etc., which seriously threaten the lives and health of consumers. The legitimate rights and interests of the yeast have seriously disrupted the order of competition in the yeast market and damaged the quality reputation and market image of famous and high-quality yeast. Many consumers lack the ability to identify, resulting in the survival of some counterfeit and shoddy manufacturers.

5. The pollution problem is serious

With the rapid development of the active dry yeast industry, the discharge of yeast industrial wastewater has also increased accordingly. The production of active dry yeast has seriously polluted the environment. For every 1 ton of active dry yeast produced, about 150 tons of waste water are produced. Some yeast manufacturers have not adopted any industrialized treatment for the discharged wastewater, which has aroused social concern. In some cities and counties, the pollution problem has become a bottleneck restricting the development of yeast enterprises.

The yeast industry is recognized as a sunrise industry with broad prospects for development and huge hidden business opportunities.
As China’s urban and rural residents are moving towards a more affluent life and with the acceleration of the pace of life, people’s demand for food has shifted from quantity protection to quality improvement. The nutrition, speed and safety of food have become a development trend. The food industry’s The development and prosperity of the catering industry will provide a broader space for the active dry yeast industry.

The quality of our yeast products is very good, and it will definitely add new strength to China’s yeast industry.


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