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The development prospect of plant meat industry

plant meat products

1. The industry belongs to the field of policy support, which is in line with the future development direction of the industry

As the refined and deep-processed products of natural plants, the plant extraction industry can effectively increase the added value of natural plants, and its application fields are also conducive to the promotion and improvement of people’s living standards. Therefore, it is also supported by national policies. For example, The Outline of the National Medium- and Long-Term Science and Technology Development Plan (2006-2020) clearly states that “focus on the research and development of major agricultural products and agricultural and forestry specialty resources, as well as clean and ecological processing technologies”. Benefiting from market demand and policy support, the future development of the plant extraction industry can be expected.

2. The product has a wide range of applications, and the market demand space is large

The application fields of plant extracts cover many fields such as medicine, health food, dietary supplements, cosmetics, etc., with good application ductility and large market space. Moreover, with the improvement of scientific and technological level and the improvement of production technology, new varieties of extracts continue to emerge, new application scenarios of known extracts are also continuously extended, and the market demand space for plant extracts will also expand. In addition, plant extracts have natural properties, conforming to the concept of today’s consumers returning to nature, pollution-free green products have huge development space and broad market prospects at home and abroad.

3. With their competitive advantages, leading companies will continue to expand their market influence

With changes in market competition, industry practitioners are faced with the development problem of not only ensuring product quality and stabilizing supply, but also maintaining and consolidating market positions through technological research and development, expansion of production capacity and other means. Therefore, the leading companies in the industry rely on their dominant positions in the market, products, scale and cost to seize market opportunities and seize market share, thereby continuing to expand market influence. In addition, since the export of plant extracts occupies an important position in my country’s plant extract market, it takes a certain period of time to be familiar with international trade rules and understand the market characteristics of different regions. Therefore, experienced practitioners who already have multinational trade will rely on the first-mover advantage benefit from it.


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