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Teach you how to activate active instant dry yeast

Inspire active dry yeast

Many people think that yeast is just a powder that can ferment. In fact, yeast is a single-celled fungus. Active dry yeast is a dry yeast product that maintains strong fermentation ability after being pressed, dried and dehydrated from specially cultured fresh yeast. Unlike instant yeast, active dry yeast needs to activate the activity of dry yeast in order to ferment. Let’s quickly learn how to activate active dry yeast!

Yeast is a single-celled fungus that is often used to ferment baked goods. Yeast is divided into two types: fresh yeast and dry yeast. It is an edible and nutritious single-cell microorganism. In nutrition, it is called an “inexhaustible source of nutrition”. In addition to proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids, yeast is also rich in a variety of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Dry yeast needs to be activated in a specific way. Let’s take a look at how to activate dry yeast.

1.Decide which type of yeast to use. There are two main forms of dry yeast, instant dry yeast and active dry yeast. If you choose instant dry yeast, there is no need to activate the yeast, just mix it with the dry ingredients and use it directly. If you are using active dry yeast, you will need to activate the dry yeast first.

2.Determine the amount of active dry yeast according to the recipe. Different formulas have different yeast requirements, so first determine the amount of active dry yeast according to the requirements of the formula.

3.Fill a glass bowl with some warm water, the water temperature is about 37 degrees to 43 degrees. If the water is too cold, the yeast may not be able to rise; if the water is too hot, the activity of the dry yeast may be killed. Also, make sure you don’t use more warm water than your baking recipe requires for liquid ingredients.

4.Add a pinch of sugar to the warm water and stir evenly. Doing this provides the yeast with some food to help start their metabolism. If you don’t have sugar, you can add a drop of syrup and the effect will be the same. Or adding a small amount of flour can also have the same effect.

5.Pour the active dry yeast into the sugar water and stir gently until the dry yeast powder is no longer visible. Cover the glass bowl with a towel, as yeast grows better in the dark.

6.Let it sit for 1-10 minutes. This process is called the proofing process of yeast, which means that the yeast has begun to metabolize and spread. Typically, 1-2 minutes is enough, but if you want the yeast to be more active, let it sit for 10 minutes. If there is some bubbling on the surface of the water, your yeast is proofing.

7.Pour the activated yeast into the dry ingredients. If you are using dry yeast to brew beer, you can also use the same proofing step to activate the yeast.


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