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The functions and effects of instant dry yeast powder

Dry yeast functions and benefits

Instant Dry Yeast is a commonly used leavening agent widely used in baking, bread and cake making and other fields.

For fermented foods.

The role of dry yeast is mainly in fermented foods, and it also has a certain effect on improving the nutritional value of fermented foods. But it is not a drug and cannot have the same effect as a drug. Dry yeast is a type of leavening agent. Dry yeast powder is generally used in daily life and can be used in making bread, cakes, etc. Dry yeast is rich in nutrients such as protein, vitamins and minerals. Generally, every 100 grams of dry yeast contains 47.6g of protein, 45.5g of carbohydrates, 372 kcal of energy, 45.2mg of vitamin B3 (nicotinic acid), and 32mg of vitamin B4 (choline). It can also improve fermentation when used in food fermentation. Nutritional value of food. It is recommended to put in an appropriate amount when using to avoid excessive fermentation of food.

Add nutrients to promote digestive system function.

Dry yeast powder is an ideal nutrient source, rich in amino acids, B vitamins, protein, minerals, dietary fiber and other nutrients, but has relatively low cholesterol and fat content, so it is very beneficial to promote the function of the digestive system and increase nutrition. And there are a lot of probiotics in yeast powder, which can regulate the flora in the gastrointestinal tract, promote the growth and reproduction of probiotics in the intestines, and help digestion.

Highly active dry yeast is widely used in the food industry and fermentation industry. Active dry yeast is a dry yeast product that maintains strong fermentation ability after being pressed, dried and dehydrated from specially cultured fresh yeast. Since the beginning of the history of making wine, vinegar, and sauce, humans have been dealing with yeast, which can be traced back to the ancient Babylonian era and the Zhou Dynasty in China thousands of years ago.

Yeast is industrially produced by humans as microbial cells. It is also the most produced in the world. No microbial species can compare with it. The world’s production reaches millions of tons and is distributed in countries around the world. Yeast is found in countries regardless of size, rich or poor. factory or products produced with yeast. Because the flour foods that people rely on every day must be fermented by yeast before they can be eaten, and all kinds of alcoholic beverages that people like must be fermented by yeast.

Yeast has made a huge contribution to human dietary life. The development of modern biotechnology has expanded the role of yeast in human society. Yeast is widely used in food, chemical industry, metallurgy, information, energy, environmental protection, pharmaceuticals, skin beauty and other fields.

Yeast, as an engineered bacterium, has been used to produce advanced biochemical products and pharmaceuticals. The use of yeast to produce fuel alcohol has been realized. The use of yeast to produce a new generation of healthy condiments has begun to take shape, and more than ten types of drugs have been extracted from yeast cells. More and more yeasts are used to produce organic acids, alcohols, lipids and other advanced chemical raw materials.

Dry yeast has many benefits. It can be ingested by normal people except patients with gout and hyperuricemia. It is not harmful to the body.


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