Sodium propionate

Sodium propionate is a food preservative, which can be used alone or in combination with propionic acid and sorbic acid; it can also be used as a sticky substance inhibitor for beer, etc.; feed additive, etc. Appearance is colorless transparent crystal or granular crystalline powder, odorless or slightly odor of acetic acid-propionic acid-butyric acid. Stable to light and heat, easily deliquescent in humid air.

Additional information


Food, feed, cosmetic preservatives

Storage conditions

Store in a closed, cool, dry and ventilated place, and do not mix with toxic chemicals for transportation and storage.

Shelf life

24 Months

Product Details:

Sodium propionate is a colorless transparent crystalline or granular crystalline powder with a slight peculiar smell. Monohydrate salt is a colorless crystal with hygroscopicity. Soluble in water and ethanol, the solubility in 10% water is about 100 (15℃), and the pH value is 8.5~10.5. It has a wide range of antibacterial effects on molds, yeasts and bacteria, and is most active in acidic pH. It is used as a food preservative, suitable for preservatives in cakes and as an antifungal agent for bread. Sodium propionate is almost non-toxic to humans. The amount in food is the same as calcium propionate (calculated as propionic acid). The maximum allowable concentration for use in cosmetics is 2% (calculated as propionic acid). It is prepared by neutralizing propionic acid with sodium hydroxide

Quality Standard

GB25549- 2010FCCE. 281
Assay (on dry basis)99.0% – 100.5%99.0% – 100.5%≥99.0%
Insoluble Substances≤0. 2%≤0.1%
PH (1:10)8~10.57. 5~10.5
Loss on drying (120℃, 2h)≤1.0%≤1%≤5%
Arsenic (As)≤3mg/kg
Lead (Pb)≤4mg/kg≤2mg/kg≤5mg/kg
Fe≤30mg/kg≤0. 003%≤50mg/kg

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