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Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein

Hydrolyzed vegetable protein solution is the product of hydrolysis of vegetable protein under the action of acid catalysis. Its constituents are mainly amino acids, so it is also called amino acid liquid. Mainly used in the production of base materials and meat flavor raw materials for advanced seasonings and nutritionally fortified foods.

Additional information


Widely used in various processed foods and cooking.

Storage conditions

Cool and dry place,avoid from direct shining

Shelf life

12 months

Product Details:

Product feature

1. It has the effect of enhancing freshness and aroma and imparting a mellow taste to food. It can be used in combination with umami agents such as nucleotides. It has a synergistic effect. Tasty and mouthfeel, improving product quality. The taste is very delicious and the aftertaste is long.
2. High amino acid content, rich in amino acids, peptide compounds, organic acids, and trace elements, nucleotides, inorganic salts, carbohydrates, etc. It can strengthen the nutritional content and deliciousness of food, and has the function of masking peculiar smell.
3. Not afraid of high temperature cooking, keep the original flavor after cooling, suitable for microwave food, frozen and refrigerated food, fried food, high temperature canned food, etc. It is suitable for the strict requirements of modern food processing. Stable quality and wide range of use.
4. In the seasoning, it mainly exists in the form of powder. According to the needs of seasoning, the food can be adjusted to a delicate state.


1. It has a strong unique aroma of vegetable protein, high amino acid content, sweet and delicious taste, and strong taste, which can highlight and contrast the main aroma and inhibit bad odor;
2. The amino acid composition close to the human body and the content of chloropropanol below the limit standard are more beneficial to health;
3. Good adhesion, easy to add in metering.

Application in food

It can be added to chicken essence, chicken powder, chicken juice, convenient seasoning, soup, meat products, and puffed food to supplement amino acids, improve nutrients, increase freshness, improve taste, mask odor, and reduce The usage of monosodium glutamate and I+G can improve product quality and reduce cost.
It is added in the production of meat flavor and participates in the Maillard reaction to provide amino acids required for the reaction, so that the reacted meat flavor base is more pure and the taste is fuller, and it can also be used as a carrier.

Classification Adaptation Reference dosage Effect
Meat products Luncheon meat, ham, ham, sausage meat, aquatic product meatballs, fish balls, etc. 1-3% Meat umami is prominent, fat is reduced, and product grade is improved
Soup bag Chicken Essence Meat Flavor Soup Stir Fry Sauce Pack Hot Pot Ingredients 3-5% The flavor is outstanding, the soup is umami and fragrant and soft
Condiment Premium soy sauce Pickled vegetables Various sauces 5-8% Fragrance, Freshness, Color
Baked goods Puffed Food Pastry Biscuits Instant Noodles 3-5% Increase appetite, enhance flavor
Home seasoning Dishes (stir-fried vegetables) Chinese pasta soup 2-3% Vegetables and soups are thick and natural, highlighting the umami
Frozen food Filling (dumpling steamed buns) 3-5% Increase freshness and prolong flavor

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