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Effect of soy protein isolate

Soy protein effect

Functional effects of soy protein isolate:

1) Has good emulsifying properties (soy protein isolate is a surfactant that can reduce the surface tension of water and oil, as well as water and air. It is easy to form a stable emulsion. In the production of baked, frozen, and soup foods, adding soy protein isolate as an emulsifier can stabilize the product state)

2) Gel (it makes the separated protein have high viscosity, plasticity and elasticity, which can be used as the carrier of water, flavor agent, sugar and other complexes, which is very beneficial to food processing)

3) Foaming properties (Among soy proteins, isolated proteins have the best foaming properties. By utilizing the foaming properties of soy proteins, food can be endowed with a loose structure and good taste)

4) Oil absorption (protein isolate added to meat products can form emulsion and gel matrix to prevent fat from moving to the surface, thus playing a role in promoting fat absorption or fat binding, reducing the loss of fat and juice during meat product processing, helping to maintain the stability of the appearance. The oil absorption rate of protein isolate is 154%)

5) Water holding capacity (soy protein isolate follows its peptide chain skeleton and contains many polar groups, so it has water absorption, water retention, and swelling properties. The water absorption capacity of soy protein isolate is much stronger than that of concentrated protein, and it is almost unaffected by temperature. During processing, soy protein isolate also has the ability to retain water, with a maximum water holding capacity of 14g water/g protein)

It is irreplaceable by other animal proteins. Soy protein isolate is a natural plant protein source that has the closest amino acid composition to the human body and is more easily absorbed by the human body. It belongs to the category of full valent high-quality protein.

The nutritional effects of soy protein isolate:

Soy protein isolate is a nutrient rich plant protein with multiple benefits and effects. It can supplement calcium, lower cholesterol, supplement protein, enhance the body’s immune system, and also have certain help in improving estrogen, preventing osteoporosis, beauty, and other aspects.

Soy protein isolate has a rich variety of amino acids, containing essential amino acids for the human body, and does not contain cholesterol. It is one of the few plant proteins that can replace animal proteins. Because of its good water holding property, emulsifying property, gel forming property and low price, it is widely used in food processing. For example, adding soy protein isolate to meat products can improve the tissue structure, increase nutritional value, enhance flavor, and maintain the original flavor of the product.

In addition, soy protein isolate is also suitable for various creative cooking and can be added to foods such as milkshakes, breakfast grains, energy balls, etc. to increase nutritional value and taste. In food, soy protein isolate is mainly used as an emulsifier, water retention agent, and coagulant, while also being used to increase the protein content of food.

In short, soy protein isolate is a healthy and nutritious food additive, and moderate use can bring various benefits to the human body.


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