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Dry yeast uses

Use dry yeast

Dried yeast, also known as yeast, is the dried yeast of ale yeast or grape juice yeast. It is rich in B vitamins, which are important components of the enzyme system in the body, as well as folic acid, inositol, invertase, maltase, etc. The yeast we often use in our daily lives is an industrially produced product, and is usually called dry yeast, or dry yeast powder. Since the fermentation process of dry yeast in dough is actually the self-propagation process of yeast, a large amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas can be produced during this process, and due to the formation of the dough gluten network structure, these gases are retained in the network. It makes the dough loose and porous, making the dough larger and fluffy. This is the role of yeast and the use of yeast in making fermented foods.

Pay attention to activating the dry yeast before using it, that is: first dissolve the dry yeast in warm water (around 35°C), let it sit for about 15 minutes, and then pour the dry yeast solution into the flour to knead the dough. The reason why dry yeast needs to be activated is because the yeast in dry yeast is usually in a dormant state. After activation treatment, the activity of the yeast will be reactivated.

Yeast has made a huge contribution to human dietary life. The development of modern biotechnology has expanded the role of yeast in human society. Yeast is widely used in food, chemical industry, metallurgy, information, energy, environmental protection, pharmaceuticals, skin beauty and other fields.

1.It has the function of promoting digestion. The items contained in dry yeast are all active filial bacteria, which can promote the digestion and absorption of food in the intestine, promote the secretion of digestive juice, increase the peristalsis of food in the intestine, and meet various requirements. The nutrients needed by the organs.

2.It promotes the growth and development of the fetus. Regular consumption of yeast products can promote the normal growth and development of the fetus, enhance the appetite of pregnant women, ensure balanced nutrition, and avoid the risk of fetal lack of nutrition, causing dysplasia or premature birth.

3. It has the effect of beautifying the skin. For women who love beauty, taking dry yeast can make the skin more delicate, smooth and elastic, and improve the symptoms of dryness, dark yellow, peeling and loose skin. For some people, angular cheilitis occurs. It has obvious therapeutic effects on skin diseases such as glossitis. Studies have shown that the ingredients contained in this item can also promote the development of the retina and can also significantly improve morning sickness in early pregnancy.

4. Yeast, as an engineered bacterium, has been used to produce advanced biochemical products and pharmaceuticals. The use of yeast to produce fuel alcohol has been realized. The use of yeast to produce a new generation of healthy condiments has begun to take shape, and more than ten types of drugs have been extracted from yeast cells. More and more yeasts are used to produce organic acids, alcohols, lipids and other advanced chemical raw materials.


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