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The difference between baking powder and yeast powder

baking powder

Baking powder and yeast powder have the same effect on the baking surface. For friends who don’t know the difference between , they probably don’t care whether buns and steamed buns are made with baking powder or yeast. For people who have a fast pace of life and love to eat pasta, they may feel that baking powder makes pasta rise quickly, save trouble and time, and may be more inclined to use baking powder to rise; let’s talk about soaking The difference between baking powder and yeast powder.

Baking powder is a compound leavening agent, which is synthesized from baking soda, acidic materials and cornstarch. When dissolved in water, it produces carbon dioxide gas, which releases the gas to make food fluffy. Yeast is a kind of beneficial microorganism, which secretes various substances under certain temperature and humidity to decompose starch into dextrin maltose, glucose, etc., and then produces a large amount of carbon dioxide gas, thereby making gluten loose.

There is a big difference between in essence. Baking powder is a chemical fermentation, and the fermentation is not subject to environmental restrictions, and it starts to block; while yeast is a microbial fermentation, which is affected by the environment, and the rise is slower. From the perspective of human health, yeast is more beneficial to human health, and it is an indispensable material when we make pasta-like foods.


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