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Why are bread improvers used in bread production?

Produce bread

1. Bread improver is one of the most common of baking ingredients. Although it is not in the main ingredients of bread, in the actual production, we will find that almost every baker is using bread improver. In the face of a wide variety of bread improver on the market, many people are at a loss, why use bread improver, how to choose the improver?

2. There are at least two things that can’t be helped in the bread-making process:

(1) First, the quality of the flour. We cannot control the quality of the flour, but can only improve the stability of the flour in the production process as well as the quality of the bread by controlling the production process, i.e. by adding improvers.

(2) Secondly, there is the problem of aging of wheat starch, i.e. starch regrowth.

3. After the bread comes out of the oven, the starch starts its aging process, which is manifested in the bread that the bread becomes hard and crumbly. All these will affect the quality of bread products, thus effective bread improver has become the first choice of many bakers.

4. So what exactly is the role of bread improvers in bread production?

(1) Firstly, the bread improver can effectively improve the stability of the dough in the production process, such as improving the mixing resistance of the dough and improving the stability of the dough in the fermentation process, etc.

(2) secondly, the bread improver will improve the expansion of the dough into the oven, which is mainly manifested in the volume of the bread, as well as to improve the internal organization of the bread homogeneity.

(3) Thirdly, the bread improver will keep the bread for a long time of the softness of the performance of the starch aging regeneration role to delay, and so on.

5. With so many bread improvers available, how should you choose one?

(1) A professional baker will first look at its ingredient list and choose a high-quality product that contains amylase, glucose oxidase, and emulsifiers.

(2) Because, amylase can hydrolyze starch into dextrin and reducing sugar, delaying the recrystallization process of starch, thus delaying the aging of starch; on the other hand, the sugar decomposed by the enzyme can provide nutrients to the yeast, so that the yeast produces gas uniformly and persistently, and increase the volume of bread.

6. Pay attention to the use of bread improver.

(1) Read the instructions for use first

When choosing bread improver, first of all, we should read the instruction manual of each bread improver in detail, and clearly understand the performance, main function, additive amount and use method of the selected bread improver, and pay special attention to observing the composition of each bread improver, and whether the main use is consistent with the purpose of the bread improver chosen by ourselves.

(2)Appropriate amount and method

If you add too little, the effect will not be achieved; if you add too much, it will have side effects. Improper use, such as mixing the dough with other ingredients unevenly, also can not achieve the effect.

(3)Influence of weather

There are enzymes in bread improver, and it is cold in winter in the north, you should heat the water first when mixing the dough and then add improver.


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