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What is the ratio of meat to soy protein isolate and transglutaminase when making meatballs?

The production cost of traditional meatballs is high, and the production time is long. It requires a high proportion of lean meat, and it cannot be cut. If you use a knife to chop the meat like you usually make a lion’s head, the fiber of the meat will be completely broken, and the final product It will also lack chewiness. Therefore, it can only be beaten with a stick or a hammer, so that the fibers of the meat will not be cut off, and the meatballs made will be crisp. The modern method of meatballs is to beat the meat into a puree, and then add soybean protein isolate and transglutaminase (TG enzyme). The meatballs are crispy and have a short production time. Cost, then the question is, what is the appropriate ratio of meatballs to soy protein isolate and transglutaminase?

Meatballs with a high proportion of meat

We know that if you make meatballs with whole meat, it will taste sloppy, and the production cost of whole meat is also high. At this time, adding some auxiliary materials can solve the problem of taste and cost, such as starch. After adding, the meat can be cooked for a long time Not aged, keeping the umami and tender texture of the meat. Generally, the proportion of meat is 60%, 30% of water is added, and the rest is 10% of ingredients, including 2% starch, 2% soybean protein isolate, 4% blended oil, 2% spices and salt. First, mix the meat and auxiliary materials together and beat it into a meat paste, then add 0.1%-0.5% transglutaminase to the weight of the total material and mix. It should be noted that if the transglutaminase is added less, the elasticity and crispness are not enough; If you add too much, you will lose the natural taste of meatballs. Therefore, the specific amount of addition depends on the taste. Then knead into meatballs and react at 40°C-50°C for 15-20 minutes, or overnight at 0°C-10°C to make crispy and delicious meatballs.


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