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What is Jelly Powder


Jelly Powder, (isinglass powder) a material for making jelly. It is usually made of agar, fish gelatin powder (Geely powder) or gelatin, flavor and sugar. Jelly can be made directly. Juices or beverages are required when crafting with other ingredients such as isinglass powder.


Jelly powder is isinglass powder that has been added with spices, which can be directly made into jelly, while isinglass powder needs to add juice or other beverages to make jelly. Usually fish gelatin powder and jelly powder are called the same thing, and you need to read the instructions when buying.

Fish gelatine powder, English name gelatine, also known as gelatine powder, Geely T powder, is a protein gel extracted from animals. Isinglass powder has a wide range of uses, not only for making jelly, but also an indispensable food raw material for making mousse cakes and other desserts. Pure protein ingredients, starch-free, fat-free, not only low-calorie, healthy and low-calorie food, but also can replenish a large amount of collagen for the skin.

Compared with the finished jelly powder, the amount of fish gelatin powder is more economical, and it does not contain added ingredients such as flavors and pigments. During the production process, you can adjust the taste as you like, adding coffee, juice, green tea powder, coconut milk, etc. to make various flavors Unique jelly, huh, do it yourself, you don’t have to worry about other harmful ingredients such as preservatives, you can eat it more assuredly.

Nutritional Analysis:

Jelly powder is high in dietary fiber, rich in water-soluble semi-fiber, and has health care functions recognized at home and abroad, effectively expelling heavy metal atoms and radioisotopes from the body, playing the role of “gastrointestinal scavenger”, and can effectively prevent and treat High blood pressure. High cholesterol. Coronary heart disease. Diabetes. Tumor. Obesity and constipation and other diseases.

Food Nutrition Facts:

Food Name: Jelly Powder

Content reference: about the content per 100 grams of food

Energy: 378 kcal

Jelly Powder Recipe:

Konjac Gum: 0.3

K-carrageenan: 0.3

White sugar: 16-18

Sodium citrate: 0.2

Citric acid: 0.2

Flavor: 0.01

Pigment: 0.01

The appearance of jelly is crystal clear; the color is bright and diverse, the taste is soft and smooth, and the flavor is sweet and moist. It has been popular all over the world since the 1990s. Jelly is not only cute in appearance, but also a healthy food with low energy and high dietary fiber. Consumers, especially teenagers and children’s favorite.

1. Product composition, appearance and solubility

This product is mainly composed of carrageenan, sodium alginate, guar gum, pectin, etc. It is a white or off-white powdery substance, soluble in warm and hot water, and slowly soluble in cold water.

2. Product Safety

This product is composed of domestic and imported food additives that meet national standards, and is safe and reliable to use.

3. Product function and scope of application

This product has the characteristics of low dosage, low cost, easy operation, high freezing strength, good toughness, good heat resistance, crystal clear and elegant taste, etc. It can also be processed into various flowers by adding milk, fruit juice, vegetable juice and pulp. jelly.

4. How to use

Dry mix the jelly powder with part of the white sugar, stir and sprinkle into cold water, heat to a slight boil, keep warm to dissolve completely, add sweeteners, preservatives, pigments, and fruit granules. Add flavor and 0.1-0.15% acidulant at 70°C, heat-fill and seal, and quickly cool to room temperature in cold water after 5 minutes, and package.

5. Product dosage:

0.5% to 0.7% of the total food.

6. Reference recipe

Consumption of raw materials (%) Consumption of raw materials (%)

White Sugar 10.0 Jianying Sweet Sugar 600.1

Citric acid 0.15 Jianying brand jelly powder 0.7

Potassium sorbate 0.05 Jianying brand essence, pigment amount

7. Precautions

(1) After opening the product package, it should be used as soon as possible, otherwise the air in the bag should be removed and re-sealed.

(2) When using this product for the first time, please do a small amount of testing and then put it into production to avoid unnecessary economic losses.

(3) This product is easily decomposed by acid when it is in liquid state, so the contact time with acid at high temperature should be shortened as much as possible.

(4) If hot filling is adopted, the container should be sterilized with “no bacteria” liquid first, and sealed immediately after filling at 70 °C. If post-sterilization is performed, put it into hot water at 80 °C for 10 minutes after sealing, and then immediately Cool quickly with cold water to room temperature.

8. Storage and Shelf Life

This product needs to be stored in an airtight container, kept dry and away from direct sunlight. The shelf life of this product is 18 months.


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