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Soy Milk Powder

Unlike Isolate Soy Protein or Soy Protein Concentrate,our products are produced from non-GMO whole soybeans that are selected for their superior food quality characteristics. After dehulling,enzyme inactivation,fine grinding,centrifugal separation, sterilization, deodorization,spray drying processing,etc,Trypsin Inhibitor, Lipoxidase,Agglutinin and other anti-nutritional factors in soybeans are inactivated and removed,while protein,polyunsaturated fats,carbohydrate and other nutrients are retained,it becomesthe instant soymilk powder with excellent nutrition & solubility & smooth mouth-feel. We have series types of products with different protein content 18%, 20%, 30%, 38%, 40% to meet clients requirement.

Additional information


Dry Blended Beverages, RTD Beverages, Milk or Milk Powder Alternatives,Ice Cream,Yogurt , Grains-based Cereals, Complete nutrition beverage powder

Storage conditions

Cool and dry place,avoid from direct shining

Shelf life

12 months

Product Details:

Our products and services range from ingredient formulation and processing to private labeled soy beverages with nationwide distribution. Food manufacturers and retailers depend on our 15+ years of soymilk processing expertise to help them deliver new products to market in the shortest possible time period.

Our fully integrated processing facilities control the entire production in-house, from seed selection to processing and packaging to your specific requirements. The results are soy products with the highest level of consistency, quality and exceptional taste.

Just Long powdered soymilk products are produced from whole soybeans that are selected for their superior food quality characteristics and pleasing flavor. These premium soybeans are then processed using proprietary techniques designed to maintain the full nutritional health benefits natural to the soybean.

Enzyme and anti-nutritional factors are inactivated, while protein, lecithin and polyunsaturated fats of the soybean are retained. These soymilk ingredients are the perfect base for beverages, cultured soy products, frozen desserts and dairy-analog foods. All products are Non-GMO, Certified Organic and Halal.

Physical and chemical index

Items Specification
Particle Size(mesh) 60—150
Protein(%) ≥18.0
Fat(%) ≥8.0
Total Sugar(%) ≤55
Carbohydrate(%) ——
Water(%) ≤4.0
Ash(%) ≤5.0
Total Acid Content(g/kg) ≤10
Trans Fatty Acids(%) 0
Solution(%) ≥97.0
Yeast and Mould(cfu/g) ≤100
Total Plate Count(cfu/g) ≤30000
Coliform(MPN/100g) ≤90
E.Coli(MPN/100g) Not Detected
Salmonella Not Detected
Urease Activity Negative

Nutrition Information

Items Per 100g NRV%
Energy (kJ) 1725 21%
Protein (%) 18.0 30%
Fat (%) 10.0  17%
Saturated Fat (%) 1.5
Trans Fat (%) 0
Carbohydrate (%) 62.5 21%
Sugar (%) 9.9 9.9
Dietary Fiber (%) 0.5 2%
Vitamin E (α-T mg) 6.80 49%
Sodium (mg) 126 6%
Potassium (mg) 600 30%
Magnesium (mg) 85 28%
Calcium (mg) 60 8%
Iron (mg) 1.6 11%
Zinc (mg) 1.20 8%

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