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Cold water soluble Non dairy creamer

When traditional non-dairy creamers are added to cold drinks at temperatures below 25*C, these traditional non-dairy creamers will clump together and be difficult to dissolve. Most of the non-dairy creamer and lumps of fat will often float on the surface of the drink. Therefore, traditional non-dairy creamer is not suitable for use in cold drinks. This product dissolves instantly in cold water.

Additional information


It's widely used in cold coffee beverages, cold chocolate drinks, cold tea etc.

Storage conditions

Product should be stored in a cool dry place and 65% max relative humidity. Product should not be exposed to strong odors or sunlight.

Shelf life

18 months

Product Details:


a) Soluble easy in cold water;

b) Delicate, smooth and rich mouth feel;

c) To modify color of coffee by its excellent whitening powder;

d) To restrain bitterness of coffee and cover possible odd taste;

e) To add a smooth, rich sense to offee.

Model and index:

Model F24A L28 L35A
Moisture ≤5.0% ≤5.0% ≤5.0%
Fat ≥22.0% ≥26.0% ≥35.0%
Protein ≥0.5% ≥2.0% ≥1.0%
Total Microbe <15000/g


Specification packing according to customer’s requirement.

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