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Precautions for using baking powder

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The quality and effective ingredients of baking powder products from different manufacturers are not only different, but also in the amount of use. No matter what brand of baking powder you choose, you must pay attention to making a small sample first to verify the effect of baking powder and find out the appropriate usage. and then put into formal use. When using it, we need to pay attention to:

1. The mechanism of action of all baking powder is an acid-base reaction, as long as it meets water and a certain temperature, it will react. It is recommended to use baking powder. It is recommended to mix the baking powder and flour first, then add water and flour, so that it can be well embedded. Get the most out of your baking powder with more effective gas.

2. Some customers are used to mixing baking powder into the water for kneading noodles. This is also possible, but two points must be paid attention to: first, the kneading water mixed with baking powder should be used as soon as possible, and do not leave it for a long time; second, the water temperature should not be too high High, and the lower the water temperature, the better. It is recommended that the water temperature not exceed room temperature by 25°C.

3. Excessive addition of baking powder will cause food to taste bitter; especially baking powder containing aluminum, the ingredients contain potassium alum, excessive consumption will have a certain poisonous effect on the human body, and it is now medically proven that it is not suitable for long-term consumption in large quantities, otherwise it will lead to osteoporosis , anemia, and even affect the development of nerve cells, and cause Alzheimer’s disease.


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