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Instant dry yeast/active dry yeast for bread

Dry yeast makes bread

Instant dry yeast/active dry yeast needs to be rehydrated and activated to make yeast lotion before use, so as to restore the normal function of yeast cells.
② Instant dry yeast/active dry yeast is put into 36~38 ℃ warm water at a ratio of 1:10~20 for rehydration for 15~20 minutes, or 2~4% sugar water for rehydration and activation for 30~90 minutes to make yeast lotion, which can be added to fermented grains for fermentation.
③Clean water should be used for rehydration activation to prevent infection with miscellaneous bacteria.
Instant dry yeast/active dry yeast is a dry yeast product made from specially cultivated fresh yeast that maintains strong fermentation ability after being pressed, dried, and dehydrated.
Squeeze the yeast into thin strips or small balls, and use low humidity circulating air to continuously dry in a fluidized bed to achieve a final fermentation moisture content of about 8%, while maintaining the yeast’s fermentation capacity.
Instant dry yeast/bread activity can be used as a food leavening agent. Yeast contains a large amount of high-quality protein (about 50%) and is rich in various vitamins and minerals, which can increase the nutritional value of food; Yeasts are not resistant to high temperatures and cannot form large pores inside food.

How to make instant dry yeast/active dry yeast noodles

The method and steps for using Instant dry yeast/active dry yeast to make noodles are as follows:

  1. Prepare a bowl for making noodles, flour, and highly Instant dry yeast/active dry yeast.
  2. Add water to the basin, not too much water. If there is less water, you can add it later. If there is more, use a lot of yeast and flour to absorb it, and then add an appropriate amount of dry yeast powder to make it dissolve in water.
  3. Next, take an appropriate amount of flour and pour it into a basin. The amount of flour and yeast should be controlled properly, otherwise the effect will be poor.
  4. Then start kneading the flour with your hands, adding a small amount of water while kneading the flour. Continue to knead the flour, controlling the ratio of flour to water, not too thick or too thin. Practice more and you will master it.
  5. Then, we must adhere to the principle of “three lights”. Pot light, water light, and surface light, which means that the water and flour on the pot must be mixed into the dough, and the pot must be smooth at the end. Water light means that the water in the pot has been mixed into the dough, and surface light means that the dough must be very smooth.
  6. After finishing the three lights, cover the basin with a lid and let the dough ferment quietly. After a few hours, you can take it out to make Mantou, steamed stuffed buns, pies and other noodles.
    This is Instant dry yeast/active dry yeast for bread and ….

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