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How to make better use of soy protein isolate

Isolated Soy Protein

Soybean Protein Isolate is a full-price protein food additive produced from low-temperature desolvated soybean meal. The protein content of soybean protein isolate is more than 90%, there are nearly 20 kinds of helium acid, and it contains human amino acids. It is rich in nutrition and does not contain cholesterol. It is one of the few varieties of vegetable protein that can replace animal protein.

The product is in powder form, containing 85-90% protein, and has functional properties such as gelling, emulsifying, oil-retaining, and water-holding properties, which improves the processing performance and flavor of food, and increases the economic value of food processing. Therefore, it is applied to meat filling products, such as Western-style ham sausage, ham, red sausage, grilled sausage, etc., which not only increases the oil and water retention and palatability of meat products, but also reduces and improves the benefits. For example, when used in dairy products, It can increase the protein content of dairy products and increase nutrition; such as making soybean protein drinks, it has good blending ability and can be made into various fruit flavors [good solubility and dispersibility]: it has a dissolution speed in warm water (40-50C) Fast, high solubility and no precipitation.


  1. Emulsification: Soy protein isolate is a surfactant, which can not only reduce the surface tension of water and oil, but also reduce the surface tension of water and air. Easily forms stable emulsions. In the production of baked food, frozen food and soup food, adding soy protein isolate as emulsifier can stabilize the product state.
  2. Hydration: Soy protein isolate contains many polar groups along its peptide chain skeleton, so it has water absorption, water retention and swelling properties. Protein isolates absorb water much better than concentrates and are almost independent of temperature. Protein isolate also has the ability to retain water during processing, and the maximum water retention capacity is 14g water/g protein.
  3. Oil Absorption: Adding protein isolate to meat products can form emulsion and gel matrix to prevent fat from moving to the surface, thus promoting fat absorption or fat binding. It can reduce the loss of fat and juice during the processing of meat products, and help maintain the stability of the shape. The oil absorption rate of protein isolate is 154%.
  4. Gel property: It makes the protein isolate have high viscosity, plasticity and elasticity, and can be used as a carrier of water, flavoring agent, sugar and other complexes, which is extremely beneficial for food processing.
  5. Foaming property: among soy protein, the foaming property of protein isolate. Using the foaming property of soy protein, food can be endowed with a loose structure and good taste.
  6. Conjunctiva: After the meat is chopped, apply the mixture of protein isolate and egg protein to the fiber surface to form a thin film, which is easy to dry, can prevent the loss of smell, is beneficial to the rehydration process, and provides reasonable protection for rehydration products. structure.
  7. Good solubility and dispersibility: In warm water (40-50C), it has the characteristics of fast dissolution, high solubility and no precipitation.

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