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The era of dietary health is coming, decoding the three major trends of nutritional supplements

Nutritional supplements

Under the “special period” of up to two years, consumers around the world re-examine the health of their lifestyles and focus on health topics again.

A few days ago, ADM, a global agricultural product processing and trade, and food nutrition company, released a forecast report on future dietary supplements, pointing out that functionality, fun, and convenience will become future trends. Improve overall health within 12 months and actively seek functional solutions to incorporate dietary supplements into their daily regimen.

01 Personalized solutions are favored

According to the report, consumers are actively seeking solutions that meet their specific health needs. Because each consumer’s health foundation and life experience are different, their definition of health is also different. But what they have in common is that they both place a greater emphasis on the idea of ​​overall health.
The fastest-growing segments of the dietary supplement market include stress, mood, and sleep support products, all of which are key components of emotional well-being and are related to overall well-being. In fact, 76% of consumers worldwide say they have learned about the link between cognitive health and overall health, and 51% of consumers globally plan to improve their cognitive or mental health status in the next 12 months. Therefore, dietary supplements that help restore sleep, stabilize mood, regulate immune function, weight management, and skin health will be increasingly favored by consumers.
Data shows that global dietary supplement users are looking to address health issues including immunity, energy, cognitive and mental health, heart health and digestive health.

02 Products must be functional, delicious and fun

Just like the daily consumption of food and beverages, dietary supplements are expected to provide the same wonderful experience. In addition to functional nutritional benefits, consumers expect dietary supplements to be convenient and tasty.
In many cases, consumers opt for products that are both delicious and nutritious for added enjoyment. This concept of “enjoyed with purpose” makes the dietary supplement market promising, as 58% of global consumers say dietary supplements also need to be “tasty”.
Given the dual needs of consumers for taste and nutritional function, dietary supplements and functional foods have begun to further integrate, and formulators can attract consumers by creating products that combine function, taste and fun.
In addition to gummies, which have long been the main product format, brands are also exploring other confectionary formats, such as chocolate and chewing gum. Confer additional functional benefits to products by incorporating scientifically proven functional ingredients such as prebiotics, probiotics and botanical extracts.
In addition, supplementing these nutritious functional ingredients with attractive colors and flavors can enhance the consumer’s eating experience, no longer a daily routine, but a pleasure. The data shows that 63% of dietary supplement users believe that the taste of products can be improved; 41% of existing dietary supplement users are exploring new flavors of different types of products.

03 Dosage forms tend to be portable and easy to take

Consumer experience is a key factor affecting consumer buying behavior and brand loyalty. Health Products Target consumers want a variety of dosage forms that fit their lifestyles and that are portable, easy to take, and delicious. To this end, manufacturers are actively introducing rich and diverse product forms to suit different age groups, from children to the elderly.
For example, 43% of non-dietary supplement consumers find it very difficult to swallow tablets and capsules; 33% of dietary supplement consumers find it very inconvenient to take on time, and innovative, convenient dosage forms can help them overcome these difficulties , such as beverages, sparkling water, gummies, chewing gum, powders, drop bars, etc.

04 Product safety and efficacy become concerns

When shopping for dietary supplements, 59% of consumers globally want to see scientific evidence that a product is effective. Only products with both safety and efficacy can attract consumers and gain their trust. When shopping for dietary supplements, more and more consumers want to see and understand the product’s safety claims and the relevant research behind it.


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