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Whipping cream powder

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Whipping cream powder produces a high volume cream with an overrun of up to 300% when whipped. The acid resistance is very good. When making mousse cakes, it can ensure that the mousse has a stable structure and a delicate taste. It is a durable and delicious product that can be used in place of liquid cream.

Additional information


Suitable for cakes, ice creams, pastries and many other bakery products

Storage conditions

Store in dry & Sheltered warehouse with good ventilation

Shelf life

18months in original and unopened packaging

Product Details:

Whipping Cream Powder

high quality, spray-dried, emulsified, white or yellow power mainly made of glucose syrup, vegetable oil and Sodium Caseinate. It can be stored under normal temperature, so it is easy for storage, transportation and usage.


1. Delicate, smooth and rich mouth feel
2. To give fast and high overrun combined with an excellent smooth mouthfeel, creamy taste and foam stability
3. To improve the organizational structure of ice cream and entrust with a better flavour
4. To modify color of drinks by its excellent whitening powder


Fat 50%±5
Carbohydrate 5%±1
Protein(N x 6.38) ≥30%
Moisture ≤3%


Total plate count ≤10000/g
Coliform ≤90/100g
Salmonella Negative


Colour: Creamy/light yellow
Taste & odours: Typical
Scorched particles(ADPI):disc A

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