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Learn about non-dairy creamer

coffee non dairy creamer

What is Non-dairy creamer?

Non-dairy creamer, also known as cream, is a new type of product with refined vegetable oil or hydrogenated vegetable oil, casein and other main raw materials. This product plays a special role in food production and processing, and is also a modern food.

Characteristics of Non-dairy creamer.

It is made of high-quality vegetable oil and casein and applied to milk powder, coffee, cereal, seasoning and related products. Although it can improve the taste of food, it contains a large amount of substances harmful to human body.

Non-dairy creamer can improve the internal tissue of food, increase fragrance and fat, make the taste delicate and smooth, so it is also a good companion for coffee products, which can be used for instant cereal, cakes, biscuits and so on, making the cake delicate and elastic; Biscuits can improve the crispness and are not easy to get oily.

The vegetable fat powder is quick-soluble, and the flavor is similar to “milk” through flavor. It can replace milk powder or reduce the amount of milk used in food processing, thus reducing the production cost on the premise of keeping the product quality stable.

Coffee Mate Non-dairy creamer.

Many people like to add milk to coffee when drinking it. The color of coffee added with milk will become lighter and the visual effect will be better. In terms of taste, coffee with milk is also more popular. At first, the container for storing milk was called “creamer”. Later, people called the milk added to coffee “creamer”. However, liquid milk needs to be stored in cold storage, which is very inconvenient to use. In the 1960 s, Nestle developed something called “Coffee partner” to replace milk as “creamer”, which was translated into “cream” in Chinese “. It is very popular because it is powder and does not need refrigeration. Later, other companies also produced similar products, but “coffee partner” is the registered trademark of Nestle and cannot be used. Generally, it is directly called “non-dairy creamer”, or more precisely, it is called “coffee whitening agent (coffee whitener)”.

Although coffee partners are called “non-milk” products, they actually contain milk ingredients. The most critical ingredient casein is the main protein in milk. When the coffee partner was developed, casein was only a by-product of cheese production with low price, and no one treated it as a “milk product. In recent years, due to the high nutritional value of casein and the soaring price, manufacturers have sought other cheaper proteins to replace it. Similar products produced from soybean protein and wheat protein have entered the market and become a veritable “non-milk cream”.

In the past, this product was only used as coffee whitening agent to replace milk. Later, some people directly took him to drink with water, and some people added it to cakes, creams and other foods as food raw materials. Because its shape and products after flushing are very similar to milk powder and milk powder after flushing, it is called “Cream” by Chinese people “. In industry, it is more called “fat planting powder”.


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