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Instant dry yeast/active dry yeast fermentation, temperature is one of the important factors in making bread

The important factors in making bread.

Why is it necessary to control the temperature when mixing dough? What is the significance of controlling the temperature of the dough? The main purpose is to retain the flavor and taste to the greatest extent and to facilitate our operators.

Basically we can control the indoor temperature, the flour temperature, the friction temperature of the noodle tank machine when mixing, and the most important water temperature!

We can use this formula as a reference (for regular sweet dough)
(Ideal temperature of dough × 3) – (Indoor temperature + Flour temperature + Friction increase temperature) = Water temperature

1) Indoor temperature:
Regarding the indoor temperature, summer is basically every baker’s nightmare. It is extremely easy to overheat the dough when making dough in summer, and it can easily reach 30 degrees. So how should we deal with it. Of course, the most effective way is to turn on the air conditioner, which can effectively adjust the ideal room temperature.
In addition, every baker who bakes dough in the summer deserves to have an indoor thermometer to keep an eye on changes in room temperature and humidity. The humidity of room temperature is also very important. When we are making French bread, these breads will be kept at room temperature (25 degrees Celsius) most of the time. If the humidity of our environment is too low, it will cause the surface of the dough to condense. Shell, the fermentation speed is too slow, so you must pay attention.

2) Control material temperature:
Many bakers know that ice is needed when making dough in summer, because ice water is the most direct and effective way to control dough. It should be noted that some people like to pour a large amount of ice cubes into the flour, hoping to use the force of mixing to slowly melt the ice cubes.

This is a very dangerous operation, because a large amount of ice cubes cannot melt in a short time, and it is easy to frostbite the adhered yeast, and too many ice cubes affect the water absorption state of the dough and affect the mixing process.

When we use ice cubes, we basically convert it 1:1, 100g water = 100g ice, and try to use ice slag to soak in water, or put the ice cubes into water and wait for it to melt into ice water before use, or filter it Drop ice cubes; extreme heat or use smoothies that melt easily.

However, sometimes just adding ice is not enough to control the temperature of the dough. The temperature of the dough is still very high. At this time, the temperature of other materials can also be lowered, such as flour, butter, eggs and other liquids. We still throw them into the freezer or refrigerate. That’s it.


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