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JustLong has more than 20 years of experience as a company that develops and produces isolated soybean protein. Our soy protein isolate is divided into three types: gel type, injection type and nutritional dispersion. In order to meet the needs of customers, we can customize solutions for you.

Isolated Soy Protein

Soy protein isolate is divided into three types, namely gel type, injection type and nutrient dispersibility. Different types of soy protein isolate have different product characteristics and different applications. They can be widely used in emulsified sausage, surimi products, ham, vegetarian food, protein powder, etc.

Gel-type soy protein isolate has high viscosity, plasticity and elasticity. It can be used as a carrier for water, as well as a carrier for flavors, sugars and other complexes, which is extremely beneficial to food processing.

Injectable type soy protein isolate refers to a type of soy protein isolate that can be injected into large pieces of meat during the processing of meat products. It is a type of soy protein isolate. It can retain moisture while improving the toughness of the product.

Nutrient dispersible type soy protein isolate can effectively increase the content of food protein, and can improve the nutritional content and taste of food, reduce costs, extend shelf life, and have high nutritional value and market applications.

Isolated Soy Protein

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