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Montmorillonite is a green environmental protection product for the study of diarrhea and dysentery of livestock and poultry. It is characterized by high purity, good dispersion, strong adsorption and rich content of trace elements. It has the function of repairing and improving the mucous membrane, especially to the diarrhea and dysentery of livestock and poultry.

Addition, the formation of protective layer on the surface of gastrointestinal mucosa, non-toxic side effects, does not produce resistance.Is the veterinary medicine factory, feed factory’s ideal material supplementary material. Is chicken, duck, goose, pig, cow, sheep and other animals and aquatic products feed additives.

Additional information


Mycotoxin adsorbents, used for feed additives and desiccatives,Food, goods desiccant.

Storage conditions

Cool and dry place,avoid from direct shining

Shelf life

Over three years in dry place

Product Details:

Product description

It is selected from montmorillonite raw ore with high purity and good quality, and is prepared through production processes such as sun exposure, crushing, impurity removal, drying, Raymond, winnowing, and packaging. Standard parameters: 325 mesh, moisture not greater than 12%, blue absorption greater than 40.

It is suitable for feed factories, additive factories, veterinary medicine factories and farms.

Feed mills are used to produce feed formulations, and are added to feed production at a rate of 3-5 per thousand. It can effectively absorb and reduce the aflatoxin and other mycotoxins contained in the feed raw materials, so that the mycotoxin content in the feed meets the feed hygiene standards required by the state.

Additive factories mostly use montmorillonite as the production carrier and dry powder diluent of additives.

The veterinary pharmaceutical factory uses montmorillonite as the carrier and diluent of veterinary medicine, and also uses montmorillonite as an adjuvant for adjuvant treatment by taking advantage of its properties in treating diarrhea and loose stools.

Farms use montmorillonite, which can be used for daily mixing to reduce the risk of mycotoxin content in feed, reduce the chance of disease in animals, and improve breeding efficiency. It can also be used for environmental improvement and delivery powder to assist newborn animals to adapt to the environment quickly.

Montmorillonite specification

Components: SiO2, AL2O3, CaO, MgO, H2O, etc.
Analysis: Montmorillonite content: 95%±2%
Blue absorption power:42
Loss on drying ≤10
Ammonia absorption value ≥90
Heavy metal content ≤10ppm
Mesh size: 325
Adsorption capacity >0.37
SiO2 Content ≥58%
AL2O3 Content ≥14%

Recommended usage

Livestock and poultry Piglets Growing pigs Laying poultry & Broiler Ruminants Aquatic Rabbit/Fox/Mink
Kg/Ton 3.6-4kg 2.5-3kg 2-3kg 2.5-4kg 2.5-3kg 2.5-3kg

According to actual condition (for example: the degree of mildew; climate and humidity; whether there is diarrhea) adjust the amount of added, uniformly mixed with feed or raw material when used.

Product advantages:

1. Self-operated raw mine, resources are the biggest advantage

2. The quality is controlled, and the quality is controlled layer by layer from the source of the product

Quality control is done in all aspects of raw ore mining, classification, material selection for different products, fine processing, packaging, and quality inspection.

3. Self-operated production factory, can produce products according to the formula, and can provide OEM services

4. Leading technology

Purification technology, modification technology (ultrafine powder)

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