Egg Wash Alternative Suppliers

JustLong is a professional supplier of plant-based egg wash alternative, committed to providing healthier, more environmentally friendly and economical solutions for the food industry. Our egg substitutes are made from natural plant raw materials, do not contain any artificial additives and preservatives, have excellent stability and ease of use, and are widely used in various application scenarios such as baking, catering and food processing.

Plant-Based Egg Wash Substitute

- Vegetable Protein Glaze -

Vegetable Protein Glaze

Vegetable protein liquid produced using ultra-high temperature technology is an alternative to egg whites that provides excellent shine and color and avoids all the problems you might have with real eggs. The benefits of vegetable protein liquids are significant: reducing the number of allergens in the production area and significantly reducing any health risks due to microbial contamination.

The vegetable protein liquid has no added sugar and is suitable as a light paste for making a variety of applications, including savory products such as bread, burgers or sausage rolls. Since the vegetable protein liquid will not stick to the outer packaging of the finished product when applied to the finished product, the vegetable protein liquid is more convenient for you to package the finished product.

Our Advantages

Product advantages

• Contains no egg ingredients, no risk of eggs becoming expired and spoiled
• No unpleasant odor
• Not affected by external factors (such as bird flu, salmonella caused by eggs, etc.)
• Cholesterol-free
• No trans fatty acids
• Free of melamine and preservatives

Technical advantages

• Reduced risk of bacterial contamination.
• Hygienic & no bad smell in the production process.

2. Performance
• Gives your product a homogeneous shine and golden colour.
• Dilution is possible according to your requirements.
• Contact wrappable as the finished product is non-sticky.

3. Convenience
• Multiple application methods:
①hand brush
②Spray system
③Roll system
• Ready to use, apply Glaze prior or after baking or freezing.

Plant-Based Egg Wash Substitute

This plant-based egg alternative provides your finished product with exceptional shine and color, making your products look fresher and more appealing.

“JustLong helped us solve the problem of food production. I have to say that their R&D personnel are very experienced. They will recommend suitable Egg Wash Substitute according to the production needs of different products and help us reduce costs. I can’t think of any disadvantages. reasons to work with them.”

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Work closely with clients to achieve common goals, understand local markets, provide value-added consulting and drive new product innovations.


From R&D activities to product delivery, we continuously refine and enhance our quality policy to continuously meet and exceed customer expectations.

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