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How to use non dairy creamer to make milk tea?

Method 1 for making milk tea from non-dairy creamer:

1. First prepare a shaker cup and a measuring spoon with a capacity of 5g.

2. Use a 5g measuring spoon to fill 3 level spoons of non-dairy creamer (15g in total), and pour it into a shaker cup.

3. Pour 150ml black tea water into the shaker cup.

4. Add a small amount of ice cubes and an appropriate amount of fructose. The sweetness can be adjusted according to personal preference.

5. Cover the shaker cup and shake well.

6. Pour the shaken milk tea from the shaker cup into the glass.

7. Add a few ice cubes for a better taste.

8. Plug in the straw and start enjoying the delicious milk tea

Method 2 for making milk tea from non-dairy creamer:

Preparation materials: 40g creamer, 10ml fructose, 25g tapioca pearls, 200ml black tea, 6g bubble black tea, 25g tapioca pearls, 200ml boiling water, 5ml fructose, 2500ml water.

1. Make black tea water first, prepare black tea and boiling water (the water must be freshly boiled), pour the boiling water into the cup of black tea, simmer for 2 minutes, and set aside.

2. Now start cooking the pearls and prepare the materials. Pour water into the pot and boil until it boils. The ratio of water to rice balls is 8:1.

3. After the water boils, slowly pour the pearls into the pot, stir evenly, and cook over low heat for 25 minutes. Stir about 5-6 times during this period to prevent sticking to the pot.

4. Wait for 30 minutes after the time is up. After 30 minutes, pour the pearls into a sieve, rinse with cold water, drain the water, add fructose and stir evenly, let it sit for about 13 minutes for the best taste. Set aside.

5. All the raw materials are ready. Now you can make pearl milk tea and filter the black tea.

6. Pour the creamer, fructose, and black tea water into the shaker pot in order.

7. Buckle the shaker pot together, hold the shaker pot in your hand and shake it up and down for about 10 seconds to let all the ingredients blend together.

8. Pour into the cup.

9. Pour the pearls carefully into the cup

10. Pour in 300c hot water, stir thoroughly, and the delicious pearl milk tea is ready.

Advantages of non dairy creamer for making milk tea

1. Increase the milk powder content in the non-dairy creamer to enhance the naturalness of the milk tea frankincense and make it taste sweeter.

2. Non dairy creamer is used with various raw materials such as evaporated milk, condensed milk, and whipped cream, changing from the main ingredient to the ingredient.

3. Change the tea leaves to achieve the refreshing taste of non-dairy creamer milk tea through the tea feel and tea aroma.


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