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When you run a bakery, you want to make sure that you not only have the necessary ingredients for professional baking, but that those ingredients are of high quality. With JustLong, you’ll always get the highest quality commercial baking ingredients, delivered as expected.

Nothing is more important than quality baking ingredients for your bakery. JustLong is a food ingredient supplier, wholesale sales of dry yeast, baking powder, bread improver, custard powder, vanilla powder and other baking ingredients.

We understand that food-ingredient distribution is crucial to your business, so we prioritize ease, authenticity, and satisfaction with every order placed. If you are looking for a bakery ingredient supplier and your needs are the most important thing, then JustLong is the best choice for you.

Jelly powder

Jelly Powder

Baking Ingredients Information

Dry yeast

Sugar Type: Low Sugar
Packing size:10g,90g,100g,125g,400g,450g,500g,5kg,10kg,20kg with vacuum foil packaging
Application: used for dough with 0-7% sugar in the recipes.
Usage:1.0-1.2%for bakery, 0.3-0.5% for others

Sugar Type: Normal High Sugar
Packing size: 10g, 90g, 100g,125g,400g,450g,500g,5kg,10kg,20kg with vacuum foil packaging
Application: used for dough with 5-20% sugar in the recipes.

Sugar Type: New High Sugar
Packing size: 500g with vacuum foil packaging


  • Fast fermentation at 750ml/h.
  • Quality: using LS yeast strain, quality is competing with Angel.
  • Strict control in pathogenic bacteria and heavy metal.
  • All certificates available
  • One of the earliest professional exporter of yeast in China.
  • Superior OEM service with clients’ trade mark registration certificate
  • Partners: San miguel Group, Achivers Food, Sonlie Food, Holliland bakery, etc.

Baking Powder/bread improver/Custard powder/Vanilla powder/Jelly powder


  • Ingredients selection guarantee: only select 100% natural aluminum potassium sulfate and best Soda to get best performance.
  • Formulation variation: For different countries and fields, we have been devoting to research and study the most suitable formula. Our formula is very good at heavy oil, salt, or sugar bakery.
  • Certifications with Halal, ISO.
  • After sale Service: We have professional technical team to serve you and help to bake the best. You can call us any time for technical support.
  • Different Packing sizes by Bag, Tin or bucket for selection: 10g, 50g, 100g,110g,227g,1LB,500g,1kg,3kg,8LB,5kg,10kg,12kg,15kg,40LB,25kg.
  • Private label acceptable: We are glad to help creating your own brand and promise the better quality than other local famous brands.


Frequently-used Package Information

Baking Powder
PackageNet Weigth/carton20GP can load
50g * 25bags*4boxes/carton5.00kg3388 cartons
100g * 12tins * 6pallets/carton7.20kg1200 cartons
110g * 12tins * 6pallets/carton7.92kg1200 cartons
1LB * 18tins/carton8.172kg1560 cartons
1kg * 12tins/carton12.00kg1180 cartons
5kg * 2buckets/carton10.00kg1250 cartons
8LB * 6tins/carton21.792kg730 cartons
40L B/tin/carton18.16kg1230 cartons
10kg/carton10.00kg2200 cartons
20kg/carton20.00kg1250 cartons
25kg/bag25.00kg28 tons
Vanilla Powder
PackageNet Weigth/carton20GP can load
100g * 48tins /carton4.80kg1700 cartons
1LB * 18tins /carton8.172kg1500 cartons
1kg * 12tins/carton12.00kg1200 cartons
5kg * 2buckets/carton10.00kg990 cartons
25kg/bag25.00kg18 tons
Custard Powder
PackageNet Weigth/carton20GP can load
110g * 72tins /carton7.92kg1200 cartons
300g *36tins/carton(D73 * H1 50mm)10.80kg780 cartons
375g * 36tins /carton13.50kg560 cartons
400g * 12tins/carton4.80kg1600 cartons
450g *12tins/carton5.40kg1440 cartons
5LB * 6tins/carton13.62kg730 cartons
25kg/bag25.00kg720 cartons
Jelly Powder
PackageNet Weigth/carton20GP can load
25kg/bag25.00kg800bag without pallet
Bread Improver
PackageNet Weigth/carton20GP can load
1kg * 10bags/carton10.00kg1400 cartons
1LB * 20bags /carton9.08kg1450 cartons
15kg/bag15.00kg15 tons/1000 bags
25kg/bag25.00kg15 tons/600 bags

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