Definition of calcium propionate



Calcium propionate is a safe and reliable fungicidefor food and feed approved by the world health organization (WHO) and theUnited Nations food and agriculture organization (FAO).

Calcium propionate, like other fats, can bemetabolized and absorbed by humans and animals and provide them with essentialcalcium. This advantage is unmatched by other anti-mildew agents and isconsidered GRAS.

Molecular weight 186.22, white light flake crystal, orwhite particle or powder.Slightly special smell, easy to deliquescence in moistair.Monohydrate salt is a platy crystal of achromatic monoclinic system.Solublein water, slightly soluble in ethanol.For mold, yeast and bacteria have a widerange of antibacterial effect, used in bread and pastry can play a role inanti-corrosion, the lower the pH value, the higher the anti-corrosioneffect.Calcium propionate is almost nontoxic to humans.Used in cosmetics asantiseptic spines, the maximum permissible concentration is 2%(in terms of propionicacid).Store in dry and cool storeroom, store and transport to prevent rain,moisture.With propionic acid as raw material, calcium hydroxide neutralized andprepared

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