How to choose baking powder



How to choose baking powder?
white powder made of baking soda plus acidic material and corn starch as filler, also known as foaming powder and baking powder.It is mainly used in the production of cakes, cakes, steamed buns, steamed buns, twisted dough sticks, Fried dough sticks and baked cakes.
In order to avoid excessive aluminum in food, it is recommended that processed food should choose aluminum-free baking powder.There are three types of aluminum-free baking powder: double-effect baking powder, crisp baking powder and fermentation baking powder.In addition, there are steamed bread baking powder, steamed stuffed bun baking powder, dough sticks leavening agent and other special baking powder.Used for different pasta, baking powder also has different names, used for cake is mainly double-effect baking powder, used for steamed bread called steamed bread baking powder, used for steamed stuffed bun called steamed stuffed bun baking powder, used for baked bread called fermentation baking powder, used for dough sticks called dough sticks leavening agent, used for twist called crisp baking powder.Make different pasta, to choose different baking powder, dedicated baking powder is more appropriate, better use, better effect
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